Debbie Elisa Photography, with three years of dedicated experience, is renowned for capturing the essence of outdoor weddings and elopements along the East Coast, specifically in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Known for her ability to create vivid, colorful images, Debbie Elisa excels in photographing in natural settings, from coastal landscapes to lush greenery. Her portfolio not only showcases her expertise in wedding photography but also extends to other services, including family and senior portraits. Each photograph by Debbie Elisa is a testament to her vision of crafting fun, timeless, and bright memories. Let Debbie Elisa Photography be your guide in savoring the magical moments of outdoor weddings and the scenic beauty of the East Coast.

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Nature-infused, soulful photography for romantic outdoor celebrations

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The Experience

Richmond Wedding Photography

When it comes to capturing the beautiful moments of your Virginia wedding, I believe there's nothing quite like modern and soulful photography. Richmond Virginia provides the perfect backdrop for my chic and fun approach to wedding photography. With me cheering you on, you can trust that I will capture every detail – from the smallest flower to the biggest kiss – in a way that perfectly embodies the love and excitement of your special day. My passion and skill will shine through in every frame, allowing you to enjoy your wedding memories for a lifetime.

The Experience

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Your Experience

The Virginia Experience

Planning a Virginia wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. I understand that there are many factors to consider, including finding the perfect photographer to capture your special day. Fortunately, I am a seasoned professional who knows exactly how to make your wedding photos truly unforgettable. As a talented Richmond Virginia photographer, I am known for my chic and modern approach to wedding photography. My soulful eye for capturing the intimacy and joy of your big day, while also making the experience fun and stress-free, sets me apart. By working with me, you can rest assured that I will beautifully capture and preserve every moment of your Virginia wedding for years to come.

I believe in creating images that remind you of the best moments in life.




Personalized connection

Your wedding day is more than just an event. It's a moment that you'll hold close to your heart for years to come. And when it comes to wedding photography, you want someone with the talent and insight to capture those cherished moments. That's where I come in. With my personalized approach, I'll work with you to create a tailored experience that reflects who you are as a couple. From the soulful moments to the lighthearted ones, my modern and chic photography style will capture every aspect of your special day. Because when it comes to capturing memories, only the best will do.


Collaborative Planning

When it comes to planning your wedding day, there's nothing quite as important as capturing every precious moment through stunning photography. At I specialize in collaborative planning that allows me to take your ideas and expand upon them to create breathtaking shots that truly capture the essence of your special day. My modern, chic approach to wedding photography ensures that your photos are anything but boring, while my soulful and fun style promises to showcase the love and happiness felt throughout your entire celebration. So if you're looking for photography that perfectly complements your unique vision for your big day, look no further than me, Debbie Elisa.


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Capturing 'Your Style'

The Art of Personalized Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner - your love, your style, and your story. That's where personalized wedding photography comes in. With a modern and chic approach, I strive to capture all the big and small moments of your day and turn them into a beautiful documentary of your love story. I blend editorial and candid styles to create images that are both stunningly posed and emotionally raw.

With me by your side, you can relax and enjoy your wedding day, knowing that I'll be capturing every moment in a way that truly reflects your style and your love.

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You've thoroughly combed through our website, blog and Instagram feed and you like what you see. So the next step is setting up a time to chat to make sure we're the perfect fit for one another.

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Once your date is officially reserved, we'll send over a few goodies to help you prepare for the big day. We're happy to serve as a resource for vendor recommendations, timeline guidance and more!

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Engagements can take place anywhere from immediately following a proposal to just a few days before the wedding. We’ve found that there isn’t a “good” or “bad” time to take your photos. 

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wedding PREP

We check in about two months before the wedding to start chatting about timeline specifics, special details, family formal shot lists, special traditions and anything else we should know about your big day.

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the BIG DAY 

It's finally here! The day the two of you say "I Do" and dance the night away surrounded by your family and friends. Just know we're excited to celebrate and capture your wedding day. It's going to be awesome.

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they're HERE

You can expect your photos to be delivered via an online gallery within about three weeks of your wedding. At that time, we'll also send over details about preserving your images through prints and albums. 

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A lovely note

"She made us feel super comfortable and really was able to capture our essence"

Debbie did our Engagement photos and they literally look like a fairytale. She has a great eye for good wide-angle shots with beautiful backgrounds. She even helped us pick the venue for the engagement shots. For the wedding, she came with that same energy! She was great!

During the planning process, she often would check on me and see how I was doing, which meant a lot. She is super caring and you can tell she really does love the art of capturing the couples that she shoots. She made us feel super comfortable and really was able to capture our essence. 

Stephani & Mike
Engagement & Wedding 

Wedding Photography

Pricing & Details

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and I am here to capture every moment. As your Richmond Virginia wedding photographer, I strive to make your day unforgettable. From the first kiss to the last dance, I am dedicated to documenting every priceless memory.

To tell your full story from getting ready to the sparkler send off, services start with 8 hours of photography, a trusted second photographer, and a complimentary engagement session. Each photography package is specifically tailored to each couple.

Basic packages start at $4200.

Let's make your special day last a lifetime with my wedding photography expertise here in Virginia's capital city, Richmond.


Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon Guide

Guide to a Stress Free Wedding Day

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 My style blends classic elegance with a contemporary flair, capturing both the grand moments and the intimate details. On your wedding day, I approach it as a storyteller, focusing on genuine emotions and unique moments, ensuring your photographs are as timeless as your memories.

What is your photographic STYLE and how do you approach a wedding day?

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Every image in your photo gallery undergoes post-production to achieve my true to color signature look. This process includes:

- Basic retouching, such as removing blemishes and making small under-eye touch-ups.
- Straighten and crop the images as needed, while also eliminating distracting hair.
- Color and exposure corrections to ensure the images radiate clean, natural beauty, which is my ultimate goal.

what does your RETOUCHING entail?

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Photoshopping body images is a cosmetic form of retouching, focusing on altering a person's body to enhance physical attributes. This includes slimming figures, smoothing skin, and adjusting body proportions. It's a skilled task, requiring knowledge of photo editing, anatomy, and an artistic eye to ensure changes look natural. Precision is key to ensure the edited image appears seamless and unmanipulated. Due to the expertise and time involved, this service often incurs an additional fee, typically around $20 per image, to maintain quality and realism in the alterations.

do you offer PHOTOSHOP touchups?

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I prioritize the safety of your images, using dual memory cards during shooting for immediate backup. Post-wedding, your photos are stored on encrypted hard drives and cloud storage. I maintain multiple backups to ensure the security of your precious memories.

How do you ensure our wedding photos ARE secure and backed up?

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Effective collaboration with other vendors is crucial for a flawless wedding experience. I make it a priority to coordinate with your planner, venue, and other key vendors well before the wedding day. This includes discussing timelines, special moments you want captured, and any specific requirements or constraints of the venue. By establishing a harmonious working relationship with your entire wedding team, I ensure that every aspect of your day is captured beautifully, without any disruptions to your experience or schedule.

How do you COLLABORATE with other vendors to ensure a seamless wedding day EXPERIENCE?

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I am adept at shooting in various lighting situations. For indoor and evening events, I utilize professional-grade equipment and techniques like off-camera flash to ensure your photos are luminous and vibrant, capturing the ambiance of your venue perfectly.

How do you handle different LIGHTING conditions, especially for indoor and evening events?