Richmond family and senior portraits

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A personalized, breathtaking outdoor photoshoot that's everything you've ever imagined. Whether it's capturing the essence of your wonderful family or celebrating the uniqueness of our fabulous seniors, I'm here to tailor each session to perfection. We're all about enhancing those family connections, embracing individual personalities and styles, and making senior sessions a reflection of their true passions and joys. Let's create some magical moments together

what you can expect

Expect a custom-tailored experience that ensures you feel completely at ease in both family and senior/grad portrait sessions. When it comes to family portraits, we create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to capture genuine connections. For seniors, the focus is on celebrating individuality and passions, fostering an environment where you can express your true self. Let's create unforgettable memories that reflect your distinct story.

Firstly, your images will be a vibrant and soulful reflection of your true self, without any heavy-handed editing or unnaturally brightened smiles. We're all about authenticity and making your session uniquely yours. Whether it's a confident stance, a comfortable setting, or a burst of vibrant colors, we tailor each moment to capture your essence.

Secondly, my commitment is to ensure you feel entirely at ease, exuding confidence and radiance in front of the camera. You don't need any modeling experience because I'll be there to guide and pose you throughout the entire shoot. It's all about creating a chic, modern, and soulful visual narrative that authentically celebrates you. So, get ready to shine and let your true colors burst forth in every frame, because that's what we're all about.

The DEP Experience

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Embrace the beauty of your pregnancy journey with modern, chic, and soulful maternity portraits that radiate color and vibrancy! Whether you're envisioning an enchanting outdoor session adorned in a stunning gown or a cozy in-home lifestyle shoot, these moments are absolutely worth documenting. It's a time of anticipation, love, and the remarkable transformation of life within you. Let's capture the glow, the tenderness, and the joy in a style that's as radiant and beautiful as your journey. Maternity portraits are more than just photos; they're a celebration of the miracle of life. Let me help you feel beautiful and radiant.


Celebrate your family, no matter the life stage, with modern, chic, and soulful portraits that burst with color and life!  Whether you're welcoming a new addition, watching your kids grow, or just capturing the beauty of the everyday, these moments are absolutely worth documenting. From candid giggles to those heartfelt connections, let's create vibrant memories that you'll cherish forever. Your family's unique story deserves to be told in a style that's as bright and beautiful as you are. Let's make these moments unforgettable! 


Let's talk about your senior or grad portrait session. Your style is our focus – vibrant, colorful outfits that scream "you." We're all about unique outdoor landscapes, not your average backdrops. Think lakesides, urban vibes, or serene forests. The secret sauce? You! Bring your passions, hobbies, or even your furry friend to add depth and soul to your photos. We're here to keep it modern, chic, and effortlessly genuine. Let's make your session memorable!


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You've thoroughly combed through our website, blog and Instagram feed and you like what you see. So the next step is setting up a time to chat to make sure we're the perfect fit for one another.

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Once your date is officially reserved, we'll send over a few goodies to help you prepare for your portrait session with tips, color coordination, accessories, pets etc.


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Portraits sessions can take place anywhere from your backyard, to a local park, to national parks & historic locations, to vineyards, farms, and downtown vibes. Bring your smiles, jokes and care free vibes because we are about to party!


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You can expect your photos to be delivered via an online gallery within about three weeks of your session. At that time, we'll also send over details about preserving your images through prints and albums. 



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Falcon Family
Family Portraits
Fredericksburg VA

I am so in love with the pictures we just received!! She captured my family and I so well. She was patient and kind with my daughters. She took the time to ask us questions about ourselves and how we normally interact to get the most natural pictures and she truly captured it. She was easy to talk to and made us feel comfortable with her. I would definitely recommend her!!
 Everything was FIVE STAR! I would highly recommend her.

"I am so in love with the pictures"

A lovely note


ashley & jeremy THOMPSON

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My heart sings every time I see the photos she captured during our day, both of us and our family and friends. 


tiffany & paul JONES

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The pictures are beyond beautiful and our family and friends are still raving over them 7 months after the wedding. 

I am so excited to speak with you!

Family and senior portraits are like colorful snapshots of your joy-filled journey – a vibrant celebration of your soulful story!

I thrive on creating personalized quotes for each session because every family and senior is a unique work of art. 

Families & Maternity start at $525
Seniors start at $425

Reach out today to dive into our package options, and specially crafted pricing that'll make your moments pop with modern chic vibes. Let's capture your unique essence in a way that's fabulously you! 


Portrait Photography



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While I focus on capturing genuine moments during the session, advanced Photoshop editing like slimming or object/people removal falls under a more intricate level of post-processing. If you'd like such delicate cosmetic touch-ups, this can be done at a rate of $25 per image.

Must be stated during initial booking.

Can you provide Photoshop services like slimming or removing objects/people from photos?

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Turnaround times may vary, but I typically aim to deliver the edited photos within 2-4 weeks after the session. I want to ensure each image is carefully edited to perfection.

When will we receive our edited photos?

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I can provide location suggestions based on your preferences, or we can discuss using a place that holds sentimental value to you.

Do you have location suggestions, or can we choose our own?

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Typically, senior/grad sessions last around 1-2 hours, while family portrait sessions may vary depending on the size and dynamics of the family, typically around 30-45 min.

How long will the session last?

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I recommend wearing clothing that reflects your personal style and comfort. Vibrant colors, layered textures, and outfits that make you feel confident often work well.

As a group you want to have one set color for everyone to some degree but also maintain individuality in terms of styling. Not all need to wear a solid color, but we will dive more into that once we get you locked in.

What should we wear for the session?