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Psychology and Education Graduate; Applied Behavior Analysis, Boy Mom x3, Retired U.S. Navy Wife

I am incredibly blessed to have a strong family who I love deeply and who love me in the same way. I cherish experiencing moments that involve the unique, beautiful art that life has to offer, from having sincere conversations to embracing small adventures. Sadly, due to life's circumstances, I don't get to be by their side often. I often wish I could simply slow down time and make those moments last longer.

In my role as a wedding and elopement photographer, I strive to create meaningful images that show the love and connection between my couples and their closest loved ones. Capturing such beautiful moments of strong connections is one of the greatest sources of fulfillment for me.

I started shooting, technically, back in the 2000's (or earlier but with a disposable camera). and never really thought about making it a business until 2019. That was when I took out my old camera and starting to ask friends, family, my sons' friends and family so I can learn settings, lighting, location, posing, and so much more. 

Over the past (almost) 3 years I have went from light to darker not knowing the kind of photographer I was, BUT, soon enough realized that I LOVE OLD VINTAGE NOSTALGIA and found where I belong. I have been capitalizing on that and have been living a dream ever since. 

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Capturing these moments of memory shouldn't just be about how pretty they will look...

...instead, it should be about how they illustrate the feeling, and excitement in every moment captured

Expect a down to earth, sarcastic, fun photographer, who focuses on documenting real emotions and moments.

a lot can be told from what happens in between the main moments - aniie leibovitz