let me tell ya!!!

I don't like talking too much about myself. I feel that it never really conveys properly online. So I always wait for the phone call so you can hear my funny sarcastic voice vs. thinking I am being a total asshole to you through messaging! ha

Hiya Peeps

I am a registered behavior technician. Meaning that I work with children and youths, as well as young adults, who have autism or a related disorder. Totally love this job and can't see myself giving it up any time soon!

Did you know

Pretty much at birth I guess haha. Naw, I had an interest in oceanography, wanted to be a Marine Biologist, and many wrong life choices later I am married with three  boys.

I got back into photography in 2019 and became a licensed business in 2020. It has been a definite roller coaster with COVID but I kept on with it and have made a name for myself in my small area. Now, ready to get further out there and see where I end up.

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