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Brother to Debbie, and friend to everyone. I work with my good friend Benny to provide associate photography as well as videography. I am laid back and quick with humor. Definitely the life of the party (don't tell Debbie she thinks she is)

I'm David

I am a huge believer in that our fate is what we make of it. I am a free spirited individual who loves all things weird and quirky. I am sassy but loving, and love to laugh and carry on. Navy wife, Wonder Woman fanatic, and love old movies.

I'm Debbie Elisa

Basically, I have been in love with photography for many year. Wanted to be a Marine Biologist/Oceanographer and work for National Geographic. Instead, I became a mother, Navy wife, and an autism specialist. Will not ever regret the life choices I made. I will teach my kids that going after your dreams should be first before anything or it can take a bit longer to fulfill. 

Now, 1 year after opening up my brother has joined me on projects as well as his friend/business partner Benny. David was in the Air Force as a cop and recently has begun a career in acting (you can see him in The Black Revenger on Netflix), and has fallen in love with cinematography and cinematic images. Benny is a smart, funny and and amazing at what he does to help me as associate photographer. His background is in IT and handles their technical side with website design (https://bdphotonvideo.com)

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