I'm Debbie

My heart is fueled by sea breezes, golden light and the fresh, cool air of early mornings.

Not just a photographer, military spouse, mother of three boys, furmom to two furbabies, and an autism specialist. Nay nay darling, I am also a friend. A friend to whomever needs one. I not only help those in the special needs community, but I help anyone who needs someone to be a constant source of calmness and relaxation. Hence the reason why I got into wedding photography. One of the two always seems to be the one to work it all out on their own causing a lot of stress and anxiety. I come in, not only to provide my couples with amazing photography, but to lighten the load. I mean, we will be attached to one another the entire day, so who better to help you out in stressful moments. Probably mom or the wedding planner, but you would not believe how often moms, planners, brides, groomsmen come to me to help with a situation. That is what I love. I love doing what needs to be done to help another. That has been my sole purpose in life lately and I cannot wait to be there for you on your special day.

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Born in Bronx, NYC, I grew up in Jacksonville North Carolina on Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. Middle child syndrome, family rebel, and beach bum. I am here to tell your story with wonder and grace. 

Before even attempting to tell your true love story, I will share with you a little of my story.

First off, my own wedding day. 6 months pregnant (surprise another kid on the way) and for both of us it was our second marriage. In 2009 it was really difficult to really find a photographer so I went with someone who was freshly new and referred to me by my wedding planner. I feel so bad looking back on this because our budget was soo small that photography was getting hit hard with $$. Although she was knew, she deserved to get paid properly, so I enlisted the assistance of good ol' dad to help me keep my photography budget to afford this lovely young small business owner. 

I am a mom of three young men now ages 20, 16, and 12. I also have two Masters degrees, one in Special education and the other in Applied Behavior Analysis. Having two kids with special needs and other disorders prompted me to start this educational journey and complete it with honors.

Photography did start out as a hobby years ago and left it to pursue educational aspirations. Within the past two years I have gained much experience with photography. I have joined Katelyn James courses and facebook groups, as well as diving in with other well known photographers for educational purposes such as with Dawn Charles, India Earl, Adventure Instead, KT Merry, Mon Soleil Weddings, Joy Michelle Photography, and many other amazing photographers and coaches to assist me on my journey towards becoming a photographer. 

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I cherish the moments where I see such wonder and love between two souls, that are captured and mystify others with the soulful tenderness of their bond.

fav song ever!!!!

Take on me (take on me)
Take me on (take on me)
I'll be gone
In a day or two

WHY we're the perfect match

If you value...

A meaningful experience that keeps you are your partner at the root and center of the day

A go with the flow attitude and positive ight when faced with uncontrollable circumstances

Exploring new possibilities and horizons that make you feel alive, and small in a vast large world of beauty

A spirit of embracing individuality and the courage needed to be different

A belief in the commitment and full gravity of what this day is about...MARRIAGE

We Are Soulmates

"Its' hard finding someone you connect with. I think Debbie is so into so many things that she fits in with everyone. And still is very unique and stands out in whatever crows she is in"

#depdarlings bride, Christina + andrew

"tears of joy with every photo"

Debbie came into our life right when we needed  her. Her sweet words of encouragement, funny jokes, and relaxed character was just what I needed to make this second attempt, not a great experience with my first photographer, am amazing experience. We felt comfortable, acknowledged, and cared for. I knew I didn't have to worry about our wedding day, and I was right! Love everything she has done for us. Tears of joy with every photo that we look at. 

Heather & Steve

"Omg the light is STUNNING you are so talented!"

We were able to get in touch with Debbie to do our engagement shoot. Even though we are eloping to the west coast, we still wanted to have a great photographer provide us with an amazing engagement session. And she did just that. I literally told her for our sneak peek "Omg the light is STUNNING you are so talented!". I loved everything she did. The colors, the emotion, the was all amazing. She is truly a bad ass!

Audrey & Matt

"she was the perfect fit for our simple intimate wedding at the beach"

It was hard finding a photographer that fit our style and was someone we could just be relaxed with. Debbie came in and was sweet, fun, and so easy to work with. She was the perfect fit for our simple intimate wedding. And would hire her over and over again. 

Katharine & Michael

"1st was special, second time was just amazing"

We got in touch with Debbie for our small back yard elopement back in 2020. She did such an amazing job and her work was so great. The 1st was special, the second was just amazing. She came out to Ocean City Maryland and we had an amazing day at Coulburn Farms. It was so amazing and the way she got the sun's extreme glow was just awe inspiring. Love her. So does my family. And she is our forever photographer.

Tia & Keshawn