Have you been to PUERTO RICO? Me netiher, but I do plan on going to visit my family and learn more about my ancestors that online catalogs can't fill. There is so much history in PR and the way life is now is so different from the states. The food, the clothes (imported from Spain) and the beauty, colors, and culture are so amazing. Infused together with Spanish and African and native Taino. When I go, i'll be sure to post pics!

Education! Always reading, signing up for courses and mentorships to stay up to date on so many things that are elopement related, client experience, and how to reach everyone on social media. It is such a lot of work, and I get asked a million times over "can you come down from your price". I want too, I really do...but honestly, the amount of work I put in on a daily basis, plus once I am hired on, all the work that takes place in scheduling, booking and scouting takes up a lot of my time (not to mention the engagement session). So when I put a price on my collections, trust me...I have gone through it with a fine tooth comb to make sure it is affordable for you and profitable for me.

My very first 'real' elopement is coming up soon. And I cannot wait! I am so excited for this and oh my goodness we are making things happen with all the planning we are doing. A very low key, under 20 guest list, at an AirBnb just outside Shenandoah! Then after their unique and simple ceremony we are riding up to a trailhead to start the journey up to an overlook to have the time of our lives! My god just thinking about it is jazzing me up!

I am an introvert! I love being by myself and my favorite thing to say is "I hate the living" from Men in Black. Sometimes people get on my nerves and I just need to get away from them. Proof that I am not anti-social, a doc told me "you just really don't like people" hahaha. But I do! That's the thing. I love and care for others deeply. I just can't get down with people making excuses for bad decisions that are repetitive! Get your shit together people!

I love spending moments with my bride and being a part of their amazing rockin’ day that I can just lose myself in the moment and go trigger happy with my camera.


Outside of photography I am a military Navy wife stationed in Patuxent River Maryland where the views are the Chesapeake and Patuxent Bay, amazing farmland, and stunning ocean view sunsets. An amazing area to just kick back and relax.

What’s up ladies and gents! So awesome for you to come and visit with me today. Getting to know someone is tough, and even harder when it’s done in writing. But hang in there…it won’t take long! 

My Story




Planning and dreaming about going to far away places. First on my bucket list is SCOTLAND. I want to go wild all over the land and experience it the way it should be. 

Next give me the BEACHES ya'll! I love the beach and the ocean. My second home!

I have a bucket list of places I want to travel too! Do you have one? If so, please send me a message. I love hearing about where others want to go and see before they leave this earth. 

what i love


Getting old! I am totally afraid of getting old. Not because of saggy skin or mad crazy ass wrinkles and gray hair. I find that interesting and part of life. But being obsolete in this world. Not seen as anyone of importance. That's my biggest fear.

Oh my gosh, every time I ride on a bridge, I lock all the doors and stay away from the door. I literally will do a hard gangsta lean to either side the door isn't on haha. I just feel like something is going to happen and the doors open and oops, there we go. So I do the same to the boys but they are like.."ma for real, cmon" haha get your ass away from that damn door!!

biggest fears


There's no point in walking this earth as if you don't know who you truly are. Why hide it behind something that isn't a part of you. I say let yourself go and those who don't agree, are not part of your crew.

being yourself

I beleive in