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Hola and Bienvenido!!! So glad you are here with me today. I provide intimate wedding and elopement photography for couples in Maryland and Virginia, as well as the East Coast, who are looking to scale things down and keep it more family and friends oriented. Something small, but still jammed packed with fun and craziness that speaks to who you are as a couple. Grab your close friends and family members, ready the beer and wine, get the fire pits going and let's have a smashing good time!

It's about you, and how you want this day to be. Think outside the box, and let's try something different. There's so much we can let's get started.

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On the fence on what type of wedding you would like to have? So many ideas but not sure what would fit you best?  Outdoor wedding, classic, or something else? Click here to take the bridal quiz to learn more about what style best fits your personality.

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An intimate, meaningful wedding experience where the focus truly is about the couple. No pressure on details, or obligations to anyone to be a certain way. It is a moment to express freely the love and life you and your partner have together. It is an ‘all about you’ moment that you can choose to celebrate solo, or with a tight knit group of people. A special day intentionally chosen to have a true intimate wedding day experience. 

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psssttt....there's something you should know about me real quick. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! Hope that wasn't too loud. I just want you to see, and feel my excitement for your intimate wedding or elopement that you have planned. 

While I don't mind the more traditional style of a wedding, I have recently shifted to more intimate/elopement weddings (either just with the couple or no more than 25 guests). Reason is, I love simplicity. I love the individuals meshing their lives together in the purest of forms that truly embodies who the couple is together. No big fuss weddings, flowers coming our of your ass, and the amount of money spent on venues, food, and other rentals. I just feel like it's more of  movie production and speaks nothing to who you are as a couple. Whereas an intimate elopement wedding does!

What 'elopement' means to me

Virginia Elopement + Intimate Wedding Photographer