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Hola and Bienvenido!!! Hello and Welcome. It says a lot about a person when they choose others to help them out with their wedding day details. I myself am going through wedding day planning and I have to say it is overwhelming. But, thank God for friends in the industry who have been gracious enough to lend a hand.

Don't get stressed out! There is light at the end of the tunnel. And trust me, it isn't a long one. I am here to help with everything that you want for your mini elopement adventure.

My goal is to help all of those who walk their own paths throwing out rule books and society views. Let's discuss this further shall we?!

For those who love minimal and are looking for a mini adventure

cheers to you for taking the non-traditional adventure

classically chic

for the adventurous streak

On the fence on what type of wedding you would like to have? So many ideas but not sure what would fit you best?  Outdoor wedding, classic, or something else? Click here to take the bridal quiz to learn more about what style best fits your personality.

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*Gives you the chance to focus more about the relationship that you two have built together.

*Takes off the pressure of all the stress, anxiety, and expectations of others looking for a big production or performance.

*Elopements can allow for you to create a wedding day that reflects who you are as a couple. All the quirks that you have, deep down loves and likes, elements that you find to be more representative of you both.

*Actively choosing  YOU AS A COUPLE over everything and everyone else and truly having that 'just us' wedding experience.

Why Elopement Might Be What You Need!

Because getting married intimate and meaningful. You should be worried about budget, and what others will think about your wedding, or how it looks to others. 

It should fun and stress free. Enjoyable because you put all of YOU into everything. The location at the beach, having a bon fire at sunset with just the two of you, or an extra few.

It should be, and remain, AUTHENTICALLY YOU. An intentional celebration of what you have built, been through, and conquered together. 

Why should you elope?

You are choosing Debbie Elisa because of how real she is when it comes to your elopement and keeping it all things YOU. 

NOT BECAUSE YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR DAY! But because you care more about each other than you care about other people’s expectations. You go against tradition and love to not be 'normal' or do something that has been done a MILLION TIMES already. You have a more unique way of doing things and seeing the world.

If this is you, then we are a match made in heaven!

this is why you are here looking for my services

They Are The Memories Of Tomorrow

Live your best moments

If you are looking for a fun, no fuss over dramatized celebration, with an intimate feel and still have a bad ass banging blowout party, look no further. I assist with location planning, and providing you with vendors to choose from who I have worked with in the past, as well as  hearing some amazing things about a few. If you want to talk about what an elopement wedding would look like for you, please don't waste time in reaching out. There is no obligation, just a friendly chat to see what we can hash out and help you with your ideas and vision.

you deserve...

to hall all of your dreams come true

You are who you are! SHOW IT!

Express your true selves

There's something to be said when it comes to understanding your personality and how you carry yourself. 

Are you someone who loves unique and crazy things?
When everyone else is in high heels, do you follow or do you put on those chuck taylors (Converse) and jeans with a white-T?
Do you follow the trends in makeup or are you a more natural style with minimal makeup and love to keep things light and fun.
If you are the total opposite of  the 'Norm' then why have  your wedding be something that everyone else is having. Elopements can be so much more than just two people. I'll help you plan and get it exactly how you want it to be. Either the two of you or an elopement wedding with a few amazing people to join in on the celebrations. Let's go to the beach! Or a lake and have a grand adventure.

can you stand it!

let's take the next steps and start your adventure today

An intimate, meaningful wedding experience where the focus truly is about the couple. No pressure on details, or obligations to anyone to be a certain way. It is a moment to express freely the love and life you and your partner have together. It is an ‘all about you’ moment that you can choose to celebrate solo, or with a tight knit group of people. A special day intentionally chosen to have a true intimate wedding day experience. 

Come find me in King George Virginia!

psssttt....there's something you should know about me real quick. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! Hope that wasn't too loud. I just want you to see, and feel my excitement for your intimate wedding or elopement that you have planned. 

While I don't mind the more traditional style of a wedding, I have recently shifted to more intimate/elopement weddings (either just with the couple or no more than 25 guests). Reason is, I love simplicity. I love the individuals meshing their lives together in the purest of forms that truly embodies who the couple is together. No big fuss weddings, flowers coming our of your ass, and the amount of money spent on venues, food, and other rentals. I just feel like it's more of  movie production and speaks nothing to who you are as a couple. Whereas an intimate elopement wedding does!

What 'elopement' means to me

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