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virginia wedding & elopement photography

Your journey together started years before you met. All the decision, events, and roads you travelled brought you closer together. Now, you have found your person and are ready to take on this next new adventure of marriage. The day you get married starts a whole new chapter. Blank pages you can fill up and share with those you love. So, let's not waste any more time.

A unique and one of a kind story is unfolding, and I am here to capture it for you.

Get to know me

Debbie is my is the game!

I'm not your typical photographer. So I don't look for typical couples. I love the people who love life, can be open and free and and love being in the moment.

There's no way you are here by accident. And the fact that you're still here just lets me know that you are someone looking for something...different! I love all things true and real. To step out from the crowd and forge your own path is truly a brave and a major step into knowing who you are. So why get back in that same damn line for your wedding day! Following what has been done over and over again. Caving to what grandma wants and totally going against everything that you have dreamed about. You are NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! I am here to help you make that decision STICK! We are going to do this your way. A total and complete authentic wedding day. AAAHHHHHH, breathe that all in. Let's get down to business!

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"I wish I could give Debbie 100 stars! Honestly, I had a lot of issues with my wedding vendors, but not a single one with Debbie. She was communicative, helpful, friendly, and literally went above and beyond in every interaction we had with her. She helped with EVERYTHING - timeline, location scouting, other vendors, etc. Even when I couldn't find a dress, she was there to listen to my complaints and offer support. She was affordable, had a quick turnaround and our photos turned out PERFECTLY. Even with two awkward nerds, she made us feel comfortable and even made us look good! 🙂 I couldn't be happier with everything Debbie has done for us.
I'll be honest, I can be a bit difficult (we had our wedding in two different locations on two different days, and also requested a hike for some views) and Debbie never complained or backed down once. She is THE BEST wedding photographer out there!! I highly recommend her for your photography needs!

Elopement couple, Shenandoah Mountain, Virginia



at the heart of my work

Whether it's a large wedding or a simple, sweet semi adventurous elopement, my goal is to capture your day as it unfolds—the beauty of the dress, the flowers, and the joy on your face as you say "I do."

The love between two people is something that should be cherished forever. It's not just this moment; it's all those moments leading up to it, too. And with me as your photographer, I'll make sure they're all preserved forever.



My Promise


Ashleigh & Sean

"thought light and airy was my thing but this..this is amazing"

Our engagement session with Debbie and her associate was amazing. I have to say. I caught her when she was a little more light and airy but, damn. I am loving what she did with her new style. And so glad that we have her as our wedding photographer. She put us right at ease from the start. No weird moments, no pauses or breaks in chatting. She had us laughing and smiling from the beginning and kept it all the way through. She is so down to earth and her style is just beautiful. Love her sense of sarcasm. Cannot wait for our wedding next year.

Kerry & Dimitri

"Debbie had everyone soon as she walked in"

Working with Debbie was so amazing. She had everyone as soon as she walked in. Her charm, class, sarcasm, and relaxed vibes were everything I needed with our group of lively people. She literally fit right in. So happy that she was there with us for our big day. She made the long trip from VA to Hershey PA and killed it. My bridesmaids loved her and found her to be refreshing as some of the photographers I spoke too were bland with no character. Debbie made a huge impression and will forever be grateful.

Erin & Chris

"it was all I could have ever dreamed"

My small wedding didn't have much to start. Debbie came in and gave me so many different ideas. From hair/makeup, to florals, to the DJ. She was the calmest one there when I wasn't. Rain was in the forecast and Debbie came prepared with clear umbrellas ready to shoot this wedding. Thankfully the rain held out and it was all I could have ever dreamed  Debbie truly went above my expectation and worked so well with my other vendors. I literally sat back and had an amazing day without a worry.

Linsey & Sham


With a really bad experience with one photographer, I was hesitant to even ask anyone else. I saw Debbie's work and took the chance and contacted her. OMG I am so happy that I did. Right from the start she was energetic, empathetic to my photography story, and willing to tackle this wedding. For our engagement shoot, we went out to Downton Richmond and had a blast. The fun prompts she gave us was awesome, she caught my amazing fun side, she joked and chatted the entire time. Very professional but you can't tell because it's just like hanging out with your closest friends and letting lose. FINALLY I fell relaxed and confident in my photographer. Cannot wait for our wedding in September of 2022.


Debbie Elisa Photography is a King George, Virginia based elopement and small wedding traveling photographer. Providing photography services for eccentric, and care free couples on the east coast and nationwide.