How I tell your love story

Candid. True. Unposed.

Documentary Photography that let's you enjoy and be a part of your wedding day.

Early on in photography the guy stood there holding a huge whatchamacallit and POOF, the picture was taken. One image that represented the family or love between two people. While photographers kept that mentality and posed clients, it was the rebels, and the photojournalist who opened our eyes to unposed, unscripted moments that were pure and real and true to the moment.

debbie elisa

What is

Documentary photography

Documentary, or sometimes known as 'photojournalism', is about telling your story from an outside perspective. Natural moments of laughter, sweet touches, intimate kisses, and everything in-between, While this style is more along the lines of un-traditional, we never omit the 'traditional' portraits that are part of the wedding day. Essentially I am a neutral observer who documents a scene without interrupting or influencing it in any way.

Documentary photography can be a great way to capture special moments in life and document what's going on around us. It's a relaxed way to document everyday life and reflect on the beauty of the world around us.

I shoot documentary style images with a slight editorial edge that allows me to capture your story, from all the big moments to the smallest details.

my way of doing things

Communication is key

From the second we become acquainted, I'm all in for your elopement or wedding, and I am totally devoted to making your day a reality! We all know that organizing an any form of wedding is not an easy task. Breaking away from custom and going your own way can be scary, even if you go the traditional route, there are so many moving part to consider. But with a partner on your side who truly cares about your story and your celebration, you can trust that your WEDDING day will be exactly how you imagined it, minus the tension. 

(yes, I am totally getting new headshots soon)

the process

initial consult

Once you contact me and fill me on some important details, we will schedule a chat and workout some kinks and get the basics down.


All the amazing details will be listed in a specific collection package put together by both of us so you get only what you want or need. You will also see a contract, invoice, and payment details.

Let the fun begin

Once your 25% non-refundable retainer has been made, we will kick things into gear. We will start planning out the engagement session, meet up to scout out a few locations, or meet up at the location you may already have, and work together with lots of communication and coffee dates.

We just fell in love with Debbie's work. The mood, the throwback muted colors, the way she caught moments no one ever notices.

— Kristen + Casey

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Bride's & Weddings Magazine Publication

Bride's & Weddings Magazine Publication

The moments I capture

are pure magic

You Might be wondering...

do you still do formal potraits?

Oh yes my love! I know that is an important aspect for most couples. Getting in all the family portraits is on the shot list for sure!

How will we recieve our pictures?

As I will be the only vendor still working with you, I typically request 8-10 weeks before having a final and completed edited online gallery to which you will receive an email with your personal link.

are you insured?

Yes. Full ad complete coverage. Many venues require your vendors to have  insurance. So whomever your inquire with, this is an important question to ask!

What if we change out plans from an elopement to a small wedding?

Any new, or added aspects to the original plan will need a new contract, as well as there could be a fee change as there will be more aspects to capture and time added.

are you a full time photographer? is this your "job"?

I do call myself a professional photographer, and always add that title when someoone asks what my job is. Althugh I am a behavior specialist, I am a photographer! Full and true. I would not be currently in business coaching, or photography coaching courses and workshops if this was something that didn't mean so much to my heart.

do we need to hike a lot if we want to have an elopement?

Absolutely NOT! I have gone out to a few areas where we did a mountain overlook that had NO HIKING, to a few that were 2 miiles of up hill hiking (very rugged so we need to take our time if that's what you want). We will look around and visit some places so you get a better idea of what some actually look like for hiking and non-hiking locations.

do you only shoot outdoors, or can you shoot indoor as well?

I absolutely love to capture everyone's big day, but we remain faithful to our values. What sets us apart is that we like to take pictures outdoors and we really enjoy shooting in amazing, picturesque places that mean something to each couple. Nonetheless, we are more than happy to photograph smaller weddings that have an indoor reception or dinner after the outdoor activities. Normally, our clients just want to immerse themselves in nature and all its beauty.