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There's something undeniably special about eloping. Just you and your partner, with nothing but love and nature surrounding you. And if you're lucky enough to be in Virginia, you've got some of the most beautiful locations at your fingertips. From the stunning Shenandoah National Park to picturesque Richmond, there are endless possibilities for creating something truly unique and beautiful. That's where I, Debbie - The Maestro Behind The Lens - comes in. As an elopement photographer with a passion for capturing everything that makes this moment special, I am here to make sure every shot is as elegant and luxurious as the moment it's capturing.

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The DEP Experience

Welcome to the world of Debbie Elisa Photography, where modern and chic photography is tailored to capture the unique and authentic love story of any couple seeking an intimate Richmond Elopement. My heart and soul behind photography is firmly rooted in personalization and empathy, as I strive to understand the story and vision of each couple. My focus is to create a visual narrative that truly reflects your individuality, relationship, and lasting memories. Let us embark on this journey together and allow me to capture every moment that defines your special day.

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Unique Self Expression

I strive to capture the essence of your unique bond, celebrating the individuality and authenticity that define your relationship. My photography is not just about pictures; it’s about artfully translating your personal love story into visual memories. Each image is crafted to showcase the special nuances that make your connection one-of-a-kind, ensuring your photos are as distinctive and timeless as the love you share.


Collaborative Planning

I'm here to work with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and personalized elopement experience. Together, we'll meticulously craft a timeline that perfectly balances capturing stunning, timeless memories while allowing you to fully immerse in the joy of your intimate celebration. Seeking vendor recommendations? No worries – my network of trusted professionals is at your disposal, ready to contribute to making your day complete and stress-free. From florists to musicians, I'll help you find the perfect match for your unique vision.

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Reflecting Your Journey

The Art of Personalized Wedding Photography

My photography isn't just about snapping pretty pictures; it's about capturing your unique style and individual expression. From the moment we connect, I strive to understand who you are and what makes your love story special. Whether it's the way you hold each other's gaze or the way the sun hits your hair, every detail matters. As we embark on this creative journey together, my focus remains steadfast on authentically capturing the essence of your relationship. With trust, wonder, and love, we'll explore how to tell your story in a way that feels true to who you are. The result is a collection of vivid, genuine memories that reflect the real, heartfelt moments that make your love so special.

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option 1

Two Day Elopement

For a truly immersive experience, consider a two-day elopement. This option allows for an intimate ceremony in a stunning location on the first day, capturing the essence of your bond in a beautiful, natural setting or a place that holds special meaning for you. The following day can be dedicated to a celebratory gathering with your loved ones, providing an opportunity to share the joy of your union with family and friends

option 2

Full Day Elopement

Alternatively, a full-day elopement offers the chance to capture a wide range of emotions and scenic backdrops. From the early moments of preparation to the joyous celebrations in the evening, this package allows you to experience the full spectrum of your special day without feeling rushed. It's perfect for those who want to make the most of every moment.

OPtion 3

Partial Day Elopement

For couples looking for something more concise, a partial-day elopement is an ideal choice. This option provides a few focused hours for a meaningful ceremony and a beautiful photo session in a location that resonates with you. It's perfect for those who wish to celebrate their love in a simple yet significant way.

option 4

2-Hour Mini Elopement

For those seeking a brief but beautiful experience, the mini elopement, lasting about two hours, is an excellent option. It's designed for couples who desire a deeply intimate ceremony, focusing on the core essence of their relationship. This package is perfect for capturing the heartfelt moments of your bond in a simple and intimate setting.

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The day/Gallery

I will help with creating a timeline, and a shot list and we will create the perfect day. I will capture all the amazing, tear jerker moments and create a gallery 6 weeks after your wedding.

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A lovely note

Debbie truly deserves a stellar rating of 100 stars! She exceeded all our expectations as a wedding vendor. Her open and friendly communication, along with her willingness to go the extra mile, made every aspect of our wedding planning smoother. She offered invaluable assistance with our wedding timeline and even helped us find the perfect dress. Despite our awkwardness in front of the camera, Debbie managed to capture us in the most flattering light, making us look our best. Even when I presented challenges, she never once complained. In our eyes, she's undoubtedly THE BEST wedding photographer out there, and we highly recommend her services!

"She helped us enjoy the planning process and made everything easy"

Caroline & Kyle
AirBnb Mountain View Wedding Virginia - Camp David Reception, Maryland

Pricing and Details

Style and expression define every love story, making each wedding one of a kind. As a photographer, I understand the importance of capturing those singular moments that make your union special.

That's why I tailor-made the quotes for each couple, reflecting their unique style and expression. Whether you opt for traditional poses or candid shots, I make sure to put you at ease, so you can fully enjoy the magic of the day.

Elopements starting at $1500. 

Discover more about the packages and additional services, and let's create your perfect wedding story together.

Elopement Photography

I am so excited to speak with you!

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 My style blends classic elegance with a contemporary flair, capturing both the grand moments and the intimate details. On your wedding day, I approach it as a storyteller, focusing on genuine emotions and unique moments, ensuring your photographs are as timeless as your memories.

What is your photographic STYLE and how do you approach a wedding day?

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I am able to help you pla and organize your wedding day to a point. I assist mainly with helping you find a great location for the ceremony, I provide many lodging sites, I can also provide a list of other wedding vendors such as an officiant, florist, baker, etc. I can assist you in learning about permits, or fees, rules of an area.

I do not help design anything or set up anything like an arch. I also provide a detailed timeline that we will go over and perfect before your elopement. 

are you a PLANNER? i need HELP!

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Photoshopping body images is a cosmetic form of retouching, focusing on altering a person's body to enhance physical attributes. This includes slimming figures, smoothing skin, and adjusting body proportions. It's a skilled task, requiring knowledge of photo editing, anatomy, and an artistic eye to ensure changes look natural. Precision is key to ensure the edited image appears seamless and unmanipulated. Due to the expertise and time involved, this service often incurs an additional fee, typically around $20 per image, to maintain quality and realism in the alterations.

do you offer PHOTOSHOP touchups?

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I prioritize the safety of your images, using dual memory cards during shooting for immediate backup. Post-wedding, your photos are stored on encrypted hard drives and cloud storage. I maintain multiple backups to ensure the security of your precious memories.

How do you ensure our wedding photos ARE secure and backed up?

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'destination' style! no worries, I help out with finding you locations with photos and videos of hot spot locations and some that I have found on my own. The assistance is still the same. Permits, marriage certificates, rules and regulations of locations for your elopement, and other little details with other vendors participating in your elopement day.

we are coming from OUT OF STATE, how are you able to help us plan?

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A little water never hurt anyone. However, we can always use an umbrella, and wear weather-appropriate clothing. There is also room to have an indoor elopement depending on the location of where you are getting married. We can find a nearby shelter that still can fit your expectations. Unless there's a life threating form of weather disturbance, I say FULL STEAM AHEAD!

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You touched my heart. My husband did 21 years in the Navy, and I grew up in a Marine household. I do also go around asking "do you offer military discount". Unfortunately, that isn't something that I offer currently. As my time is my time and the amount of work and energy that I put into each wedding is worth my rate.

do you offer any DISCOUNTS? Military or First Responder?