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Kaaterskills Falls Wedding

Debbie Perez


November 16, 2022

As a Charlottesville wedding photographer I love getting out of state and adventuring to new elopement locations. I especially love traveling up to New York for luxury elopements! This Kaaterskills Falls wedding was the perfect fall ceremony on a the natural landscaping of the falls for a truly intimate and romantic day.

Kaaterskills Falls Wedding

New York is filled with hidden gems and Kaaterskills Falls is definitely one of them. Kaaterskills Falls is just under an hour south of Albany, New York and serves as a stunning location for intimate ceremonies and wedding portraits. A short hike will take you up to the two-tier waterfall. In the summer the woods are filled with lush green native trees and shrubs. While through the seasons you will experience vibrant oranges and yellows until the leaves fall for winter. No matter the season, this is one of my favorite wedding locations!

Creating A Luxury Elopement

Kaaterskills Falls is one of the best locations for an outdoor luxury elopement. In the past elopements have been thought of as a cheap alternative to larger celebratory wedding. However, this Kaaterskills Falls wedding is a great example of how sophisticated and stunning and elopement can be. It was simple, yet gorgeous with the small details that my couple decided to include.


Location is everything when it comes to having a luxury elopement! If you aren’t able to make it to Kaaterskills Falls, then look for these elements while picking your wedding location.

  • Outdoor locations tend to be easier to book, and many do not require any reservation.
  • Look for a “wow-factor” in your location. An epic mountain view, grand water falls, or even a lush trail in the woods.
  • Find a location that is easy to access.

Get Dolled Up!

Even though you are eloping, you deserve to FEEL like a bride or groom! To create a luxury elopement I encourage my couples to get their dream dress, have their hair and makeup done, and indulge in getting ready for their elopement just the same as they would for a larger wedding. It makes such a difference in the vibe of your elopement when you get dolled up! After all, this is a once in a life time experience.

Little Details

Lastly, add some small details to your elopement that are sentimental and beautiful. I love how this couples brought vow books to their Kaaterskills Falls wedding. Not only did they make for meaningful images, but they are also something that my bride and groom can hang onto as a reminder of their big day!

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