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King George, Virginia

We all love winter wonderlands, don’t we? The crisp air, the snowflakes falling softly on our nose, and the touch of the chilly breeze – everything turns into an excellent backdrop for a romantic engagement. And, that’s exactly what Caitlin and Calen from King George Virginia thought. They chose the amazing snow-covered horse ranch as the location for their engagement photoshoot. Plus, there were their two adorable dogs Nora and Penny. The result? An dreamy winter wonderland engagement!

The scenery at their horse ranch was exquisite; every inch of land was covered in snow, and the amazing row of trees offered some fun with the snow falling from the trees, making a picture-perfect setting. The dull black and white of winter matched perfectly with the warm feeling of Caitlin and Calen’s love. Nora and Penny were thrilled at the prospect of their photoshoot!

And though the weather was chilly, the sun shone warmly upon the couple as they danced through the snow and shared sweet laughs. The soft brightness of winter’s sun gave the couple an enchanting glow that would bring out the warmth on any cold day.

Their attire for the session wasn’t a ball gown style dress, and that’s okay because what is most important is that they felt comfortable and at ease during their engagement session. Jeans, beige color shirts, tan pants I mean you can’t get much better than that.

The dogs also stole the show; Nora (3) and Penny (16), two mixed pit bulls respectively, were delighted at being a part of the photoshoot. They displayed their love by hopping on the couple and showering them with kisses as they took their pictures. After all, they too had reason to be happy with bedding in the snow.

In the end, our winter wonderland engagement did not disappoint – Caitlin and Calen’s love was at the heart of it all. The serene white surroundings of their home horse ranch served as a heartwarming backdrop to their engagement photography. They will forever have stunning photos that encompassed their love, and the warm glow that winter’s sun offered. So, for all planning their engagement, why wait for spring or summer when a dreamy winter wonderland is waiting for you? After all, love is impossible to be locked away for the winter. Happy engagements everyone!


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