Debbie Elisa is a mini adventure elopement and wedding photographer based in VIrginia, traveling worldwide for lovers who want a little something different.

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Elopement at The Oak Barn at Loyalty

Debbie Perez


September 18, 2021

Having an elopement at The Oak Barn Loyalty, is a definite must if you are considering a smaller or more intimate scene. The area around you is gorgeous and plentiful with mountains and valleys.

Your wedding should be what you are looking for, and should be what you want. Large or small, The Oak Barn at Loyalty is and amazing choice in Virginia Wedding Venues.

Elopements are the way to go. The reason being is that it keeps it small, intimate, simple. We can talk all about the different ways to elope, but I wanted to share with you one particular venue that I was able to find for a beautiful gorgeous elopement.

Kevin & Sadie had their beautiful sunset elopement at the amazing The Oak Barn at Loyalty in Lessburg Virginia. So excited for this session because it truly shows where I am focusing on. Elopements has been a venture of mine for a few months, and have provided photography for traditional couples. While that is such a lovely experience, it is more of my style to be chilled and relaxed and having some amazing fun.

It isn’t enough to just have a wedding. But a meaningful one is what you should be focused on. Don’t worry about what others are hoping to see. Your wedding is going to be amazing because it is a perfect celebration of you and your forever love. The Oak Barn at Loyalty will offer you many options to choose from on location. Make it grand, or slim it down just a bit, totally up to you but whatever you do, make it all about you!

The Oak Barn at Loyalty Wedding
Elopement at The Barn at Oak Loyalty
Elopement at The Oak Barn at Loyalty



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