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Terrapin Nature Park Engagement Photo Session. Perfect secluded area for not just engagements, but for elopements as well.


Jenelle + Mike’s Engagement at Meridian Park D.C. Jenelle & Mike’s engagement at Meridian Hill Park was an amazing and fun session. The couple met at a bar in Los Angeles California. There with some friends, Jenelle and Mike started up a conversation and soon found themselves in a long distance relationship. Eager to stay […]

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I'm a nature-loving photographer who thrives on outdoor shoots, basking in the world's natural beauty under the warm sun. While I primarily specialize in Richmond weddings, my heart belongs to couples who embrace the outdoors and the joy of creating lasting memories.

If you're here, you're seeking a personalized experience beyond typical photography services. I'm not just a photographer; I'm your friend who knows how to have a great time while capturing timeless images. My goal is to make you feel at ease, so you can be fully present on your special day with loved ones.

I provide more than a service; I offer an immersive experience. Let's connect and celebrate your one-of-a-kind wedding day.

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