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Sunny Folly Beach South Carolina Wedding

Debbie Perez


July 7, 2020

Folly Beach Elopement photographer captures the sand dunes of the beach
Folly Beach South Carolina

Once again teaming up with my brother David Perez for B&D Studio, LLC, to also include his business partner Benny, all three were able to capture the best loving and fun filled moments of Colton & Megan’s wedding at Folly Beach South Carolina.

They are the cutest little couple I have ever met. He is in the Navy, and she is an athlete. High school sweethearts turned into college lovers taking their journey further in marriage and life long commitment. I myself am a Marine brat and a Navy Wife. This one hit home to me and I wanted to only provide the upmost best and loving images that I could capture for them.

The entire family was goofy and so much fun. The twin sister was just as quirky as Megan. It was an all around amazing and wonderful day. A bit too hot maybe being a noon wedding, but hey…we are at the beach…just took a small stroll in the water as we worked our way around the beach.

So happy for these two lovebirds and wish them all the best.

God bless



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