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Folly Beach, South Carolina, aka Morris Island Lighthouse, with its charming coastal beauty and romantic ambiance, has become a sought-after destination for couples seeking intimate elopement weddings. In the heart of this picturesque location, Debbie Perez, an experienced elopement photographer, recently had the honor of capturing the precious moments of Colton & Megan’s wedding. Let’s delve into the joyous celebration and the artistry of Debbie Perez’s photography.

Sun, Wind and Waves for an Elopement in Charleston SC

Nestled along the South Carolina coast, Folly Beach is renowned for its pristine sandy dunes, breathtaking sunsets, and panoramic ocean views. This idyllic location offers a dreamy and romantic atmosphere that makes it a perfect choice for couples looking to exchange vows in an intimate setting for their elopement.

Folly Beach’s natural beauty, with its gently rolling waves and swaying palm trees, creates a captivating backdrop for wedding ceremonies and photography sessions, as well as the view of the Morris Island Lighthouse in the distant waters. The charming town itself exudes a laid-back beach vibe, providing a relaxed and enchanting environment for couples and their loved ones to celebrate their special day.

Debbie Perez: Capturing Memorable Moments

Debbie Perez, a talented elopement photographer, has honed her skills over years of capturing cherished moments for couples on their wedding days. Collaborating with her brother and his business partner, she brought her expertise and creative vision to Colton & Megan’s wedding, ensuring that every fleeting emotion and loving glance was immortalized in photographs.

Debbie’s passion for her craft shines through in her ability to encapsulate the essence of love and celebration. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for capturing candid, authentic moments, she creates a visual narrative that tells the unique love story of each couple she works with.

Colton & Megan: A Love Story

Colton and Megan’s journey to their beach elopement is a tale of love and commitment that began in high school and continued to flourish throughout their college years. Their deep connection and shared experiences laid a strong foundation for their union, making their wedding a celebration of their beautiful bond.

Choosing Folly Beach and the Morris Island Lighthouse as the backdrop for their elopement was a reflection of their love for the beach and their desire to create lasting memories in a place that held a special meaning to them. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the love of their family and friends, Colton and Megan embarked on the next chapter of their lives together.

The Wedding Experience on the Beaches of South Carolina

Colton & Megan’s wedding at Folly Beach was a vibrant and joyous occasion, characterized by the playful and exuberant nature of their families. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and dance moves that expressed the sheer happiness and love shared by all.

The wedding ceremony took place at noon, allowing the couple to exchange vows under the radiant sun and take a romantic stroll along the water’s edge. Against the backdrop of Folly Beach’s scenic beauty, Debbie Perez expertly captured the magical moments of the ceremony, preserving them as cherished memories for Colton and Megan to relive for years to come.

The challenges of weather at the beach were met with resilience and adaptability, as the couple and their loved ones embraced the unexpected twists and turned them into delightful memories. From a sudden gust of wind lifting Megan’s veil to a playful splash of ocean spray, these spontaneous moments added an element of spontaneity and excitement to the celebration.


Debbie Perez’s photography immortalized the love, joy, and celebration of Colton & Megan’s wedding at Morris Island Lighthouse at Folly Beach, South Carolina. With her artistic vision and skillful execution, she captured the essence of their special day, creating a timeless treasure that will forever evoke the happiness and emotions experienced on that joyous occasion.



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