Debbie Elisa is a mini adventure elopement and wedding photographer based in VIrginia, traveling worldwide for lovers who want a little something different.

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Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer

Debbie Perez


January 23, 2023

Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer

Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer: Capturing the love, elegance, and intimacy at your dream wedding destination.

We all have dreams and desires for the day we bond with our soulmate and take our vows on our wedding day. Let us know how you want to make it the most memorable day of your lifetime.

The most intimate, meaningful, and emotional day of your life might be your wedding. The beautiful part is that you can make it wherever and wherever you desire. Being surrounded by some of the most breathtaking places in the world highlights the beauty of your relationship. Are you searching for a documentary/editorial-style wedding photography in Charlottesville, Virginia, or do you want a simple and intimate wedding shoot with the love of your life? Worry no more! Debbie Elisa Photography has got you covered.

Your Most Memorable Moments- Captured Through my Lens

I believe in making you feel special without exhausting you. Only accept the comfortable and discreet wedding photography experience you deserve. I use exquisite, high-art photography to tell your romance in the most beautiful way imaginable. You’ll enjoy the results for the rest of your life. With Debbie Elisa Photography, your intimate moments are framed in our lens that will make you feel special for a lifetime of love.

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Debbie Elisa Photography | Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Say Hello to Debbie, your Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer.

I’m delighted you are here. I’m Debbie, and I’m enthusiastic about giving each of my couples a laid-back and romantic photography experience. In Maryland, my LLC was granted to me in March 2020. Then shortly after, I relocated to Virginia and started photographing weddings throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia regions. I’m in King George, Virginia, right now. I provide elegant, personal wedding and elopement photos—very open and non-therapeutic documentary weddings.

Since I’ve been a wedding photographer, I’ve guided and made dozens of couples enjoy their wedding photos by making them feel at ease and secure. On their special day, a couple should not worry about how to pose and how the images will look. That’s why I never let them worry about that. I make them feel connected and capture their most natural and love-filled moments in my lens to last an eternity.

You may rely on me for anything from selecting a jaw-dropping view to creating a stress-free timeline to documenting intimate emotions as you encounter some of the happiest memories of your life. Planning and capturing an event, specifically you, is more critical than taking great pictures.

Are you up for getting your perfect wedding memories? Read on.

Debbie elisa photography captures a moment of a couple standing in front of a historical home holding hands as the brides waves her dress side to side
Debbie Elisa Photography |Charlottesville Wedding Photographer

Charlottesville Virginia: Your Dream Wedding Destination

Charlottesville has a gorgeous backdrop that is a photographer’s dream, tucked in the highlands of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Finding the ideal venue for your Charlottesville wedding photography might take time due to the abundance of available options, which range from orchards and vineyards to ancient buildings. Nevertheless, whichever destination you have planned, Debbie Elisa Photography will make it the most elegant and intimate photo shoot of your lifetime.

Let me show you some of the fantastic destinations in Charlottesville, Virginia, where you will love getting your wedding photography done!

Outdoor Wedding Shoot Destinations: Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer

Trump Winery

Trump Winery, Virginia’s largest vineyard, provides an exquisite and unmatched venue for wedding photographs amidst the gorgeous scenery. The vast vineyards, sweeping mountain views, and even a lovely chapel are just a few of the many backdrop options available for your wedding pictures, all in one place.

Mount Ida Farm

Talk about charm from the South! The traditional Virginia wedding venue is this one. Located just south of Charlottesville, it is a private farm. On your wedding day, you can get ready in a lovely old house. This place is incredibly picturesque and full of natural beauty in every way.

Swannanoa Palace

Swannanoa Palace is the following location on our wedding photography tour, and it’s pretty close to Ravens Roost Overlook. James Dooley’s Italian marble mansion, built in 1912 as a love gift for his wife, is hidden away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, not far from Charlottesville. This deserted mansion is a hidden gem and a romantic setting for the ideal wedding photos.

King Family Vineyards

King Family Vineyards are not only a well-liked wedding site, but it’s also the ideal setting for Charlottesville wedding photography. The scenery at King Family Vineyards, situated on the hillsides of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is breathtaking (particularly at sunset!). Walk and dance among the countless vines. Or, let’s take a few adorable and affectionate pictures outside the barn or wooden fence to produce some gorgeous and rustic images.

Market at Grelen

The Market at Grelen, a Virginia gem stashed in the foothills of Orange County, is yet another beloved location! Beautiful lines of evergreen trees surround the nursery (ideal for December), and the souvenir shop is the cutest thing ever. There are also breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our couples adore immersing themselves in the spectacular scenery and providing fantastic photos!

Your Favorite Undiscovered Gems

Your personal favorite hidden gems in Charlottesville are the locations of some of our favorite sessions! We enjoy visiting your favorite places, whether it’s a private farm or the spot where you two first connected. Our adventures throughout these consultations are always new, exciting, and love-filled.

Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Photographer: Indoor Wedding Destinations

There are many possibilities in the city if you’re seeking a place to stay. The niche and community-owned brands are my favorites, although there are also well-known chain options. Don’t hesitate to book your hotel block; these rooms fill up especially rapidly around graduations and football games. Before deciding on a date and location, you should inquire about accommodation availability.

Graduate Charlottesville

Graduate Charlottesville is a wedding destination in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resembles a ballroom and focuses on throwing memorable events. The location has provided wedding services to couples in Charlottesville, Richmond, and Roanoke since 2015. Whether you’re having a small or large gathering, Graduate Charlottesville is the perfect place to commemorate your event!

Oakhurst Hall

In Charlottesville, Virginia, there is a boutique hotel wedding location called Oakhurst Hall. It is close to the University of Virginia and located in the center of Charlottesville’s historic district. You can use this charming and beautifully designed location for your exceptional photographs.

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Charlottesville

This Charlottesville hotel overlooks the Rivanna River and is close to tourist destinations and significant landmarks, including the University of Virginia. It can be an elegant destination for perfect wedding photography in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Love that Lasts a Lifetime

Debbie Elisa Photography will provide you with an experience that will always be evergreen in your lives. These photographs will recall all those lovely moments every time. When I take these photographs, I try to craft your love story, refreshing the intimacy and romance of the wedding day. You will never feel any hesitation or irritation whenever your shoots are done with me. I wish to keep the wedding photography displaying natural love and affection between the couple. 

Since shooting my first wedding, I developed a remarkable skill for producing stunning images of the couples while fostering their self-confidence and comfort being in front of the camera — even when it’s their first time doing so! Honoring YOU on the most important day of your life comes first, then taking breath-blowing pictures!

My photography exhibits a cinematic, true-to-life color approach filled with current photos and happy, sincere experiences that our newlyweds share.

How to Book me for your Charlottesville Virginia Wedding


The objective of your initial appointment is to get to know each other a little better, talk about your ideal wedding shoot, and formally reserve your date.


To ensure you are prepared for your wedding photography in Charlottesville, we dream big and precisely organize every aspect of it, locations, authorizations, schedules, and more. We will also display a contract, an invoice, and payment information.


Once you have paid your 25% non-refundable retainer, we will get started. After meeting to scout out a couple of places or meeting up at a venue, we will begin organizing the wedding photography session. We will collaborate via regular communication and coffee dates. Get back your photographs after your wedding so you can enjoy them forever.

Creating Elegance for A Romantic and Intimate Experience

Getting meaningful wedding photography is not a lesser or alternative option. It’s an intense, life-changing experience that gets to the heart of just what your wedding day is really. It takes out the details that won’t matter in five years or even five months. Instead, it captivates you in the mood and significance of your day, exactly as you’ve always imagined.

I’m here to deliver your fairytale the focus it needs without the interruption or mayhem that a significant event can bring about. As an artist, I am responsible for showing off who you are as a couple and recording the memorable parts of your day as they develop organically.

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