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vIRGINIA & mARYLAND eLOPEMENTS & Intimate Weddings

Hey there lovely. What I find most interesting with elopement weddings, is there there are no rules to it. It can truly be what you want it to be. NOT THE ADVENTUROUS TYPE, no problem. Elopement weddings are a true expression of the inner most feelings and hidden personalities of someone. Elopement weddings allow for everything to be what you deeply desire most for your celebration. It's a freedom that you have in a minimalistic way and still have a blow out fabulous time. it truly is what you want it to be. realize who you are as a person/couple and let that shine through when you are planning for the most amazing day of your life.

Think of a beach on the west coast that you fell in love with, or do what Mila and Ashton did which was go to Yosemite for a weekend, have an elopement 'just us' wedding, and spend the rest of the weekend in a rustic cabin over looking the mountains and fields and live in pure bliss. No stress on wedding decor or budget, but just a simple intimate occasion allowing you the freedom to do whatever  you please. 

“Elopements” can be so many different things, but I think they generally speak to a smaller group celebration (or just the couple) and more freedom on what the day and experience looks like. It doesn’t have to include anything outdoors or adventurous at all to be an elopement. But it can have this aspect if you prefer. Whether it be on a mountain top, national park, or beach, your parents backyard, a cute park with a gazebo, or a sunflower field, or a cute indoor restaurant. Elopements are the purest form of weddings that keeps it intimate to you.

Mini adventure elopements and intimate weddings

are you ready!!!!!!!!!!!

The packages we offer: 

Mini Outdoor Adventures

wild + in love couples with an eccentric way of life

On the fence on what type of wedding you would like to have? So many ideas but not sure what would fit you best?  Outdoor wedding, classic, or something else? Click here to take the bridal quiz to learn more about what style best fits your personality.

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I found Debbie on Facebook where we are both in. Other individuals suggest her and she quickly hopped on board to chat with me. Out of all the craziness that was going on up to the day, she was there and helping me along the way. She was the only one out of the vendors to come early and stay until we felt comfortable with out pictures. She was just amazing and I love all that she has done. A true gem. 

Debbie was amazing from the moment I contacted her!

- tina + kevin -

I believe in capturing you in your best light. I make it fun, casual and deliver beautiful results every time.

the philosophy

Besides taking all the beautiful photos of your special day, you can count on me to ease your worries through the whole process. You don't have to go through the planning process on your own. I am there for you every step of the way in assisting with the perfect location for your elopement or intimate wedding, a timeline that helps to structure the day a little bit,  and connecting you with vendors that you feel you need to make this even more special. 

An investment into your future legacy.

I know how stressful the wedding process can be! 

Yosemite National Park
Joshua Tree, California
Canon Beach, Oregon
Glencoe, Scotland

Ruby Beach, Washington
North Cascade National Park
Great Smokey Mountains
Acadia National Park, Maine

Rocky Mountain National Park
Apple Blossom Resort, MI
Hidden Vineyard, MI
Great Lakes, MI

here's a few places to think of if you are really wanting to have that special elopement or intimate wedding

What is life but one grand adventure?

Boho Chic Vibes

go outside the box and plan your adventure

Some elopement photographers tend to be all about an epic adventure. Traipsing up a large mountain. Uhm so I don't mind but it's not my thing. I'd rather be a little more flatter on a semi high area that over looks all the mountains and valleys that I want to have in your pictures as a beautiful focal point. Will I hike up there..hell yeah, but first...I need the training and needed resources in order to do so. With that, I do mini adventures where things are not so heavy with hiking and we can still have an amazing adventure.

a mini adventurer

Oh man, I will tell ya. I am not a glitz and glamour type of girl. I tend to go for more eccentric and eclectic styles. I love boho and there isn't just one style of boho, it's many different styles from a vintage classic look to a more urban minimalist look. So many different varieties and that's what I love about the boho style. It isn't a one size fits all type of thing...it's a whatever you are type of thing. Add in that vintage charm and style and we have MAGIC.

are in love with vintage boho styles

My style is unique and one that I have had battles with consistently. Am I light, or a I dark. Finally, I found a way to make the mesh between the two with an understanding of how much warmth I actually love in my pictures. That sun is so bright, even at sunset, and casts an orangy red glow that to me is beautiful. So what do I do, I take that orange red color down just a tad, mute the greens and dark some area and BAM...my warm and moody style comes to life. Chasing that sun at the right moment is so crucial to my style that gives you those amazing sunset glows is what I do best. My eyes are on the sun almost constantly and scanning the area for the right spot. Are you ready to run?

willing to run around for that perfect sunset shot



we are a match made in heaven if you are...


Reach out to me here, or through one of my social media platforms, and tell me a few juicy details of the wedding such as the date, venue ceremony location, reception location and the most important shot you want to have captured!

I will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days with details regarding my availability for your date and send you my portrait or wedding guide so you can see exactly what services I offer.

Please, take your time to look it over & think it over! Once you have read through everything, let me know your availability and we schedule your free consultation and discuss everything. So make sure you write down all your questions!

let's chat a bit


The “Did We Just Become Best Friends?” Questionnaire”…

As soon as you book, our first priority is to get to know you two and everything you want out of your wedding experience. There are no wrong answers—we just want to ensure we help you plan a day that’s really “you.”

This also let's me into your lives just a bit. 9/10 I can relate a great deal to my clients in so many ways. Don't let my 40 year old number fool you. I am young, and very spirited at heart. 

Once your first investment of your retainer is complete, then it's time to dive in and really get things going. And don't worry. This retainer says I am all yours for that day, and will turn away others who inquire.

holy cow did we just become bff's


Engagement sesh

Oh one of the fun parts of the entire elopement/wedding process. The engagement session is so much fun for me. I get to see how far you will go in your personality and character and really try to get you out of your comfort zone. It's important to showcase your actual love and personality separately as much as it is as a couple. 

I will help out with a style guide for color and outfit suggestions (less greens more oranges, reds and yellows). 

Don't worry about hands...real quick tip, fellas keep the hands in pockets unless I ask you to move them, chicas...keep your hand on the top part of your waist (at the smallest part) until I ask to change to another position. Oh, always try to keep that closest let to me popped ladies...it brings in curves that most are stunned to see...oh yes you have curves my girl.


Location ideas and permits

The locations I have photographed at were of locations that the couple didn't know was an option. Some of them knew of it but never saw any pictures, others, just had no clue. My job as your photographer is to provide you with an insane amount of knowledge so that you are not lacking or stressed about anything. 

All we mainly need is a location...after that, everything else falls into place. The main people you will have there that is a vendor is the photographer, videographer, and perhaps a florists is you want a bouquet, and an officiant if you want to keep it a tad formal. Otherwise, I will let you know how to get your license ahead of time, and then we are all set to go to the most amazing locations that your heart can stand. 


timeline chat

The dreaded timeline! So this isn't as hefty as a traditional wedding. Elopement wedding timelines are pretty easy. They follow the same structure but on a more minimal scale. Most of the time, the getting ready of the dress, shoes, and jewelry are caught. This is when the timeline will start for photography. After this there are pictures with mom, bridesmaids, an aunt of a stand-in for mom, images of you with your maids, a slight bridal portrait session, first look, ceremony, pictures, reception and all things in the reception, exit plan of sparklers, bubbles or something else.

All of this, will be discussed briefly through out the planning and one week before we will dive in head first and make a final timeline of events from start to finish.


wedding day

Its your big day! YAY!!!!! Such an intimate meaningful day that you have planned. It's you and your love, and maybe a few others, celebrating in the moment of your lives coming together. It is a day to relax, enjoy, snort augh, ugly cry, and break out in your happy dance.


gallery delivery 

Oh man am I bushed! So much going on with your elopement wedding, and I am barely awake. BUT, really excited in getting into your wedding day pictures. A wedding sneak peek is provided within 72 hours of your wedding (three business days). This is to hold you over until the THOUSANDS of images I captured are curated and sifted through for the best, fun, emotional images possible. Once the final gallery has been completed I will send you another email gallery link that you can download, and share with friends and family. You will also have a gallery shop, but with the full printing rights, you can print them from anywhere.

FYI: There are a lot of photographers that love to photoshop people and their natural look. DEBBIE ELISA PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC DOES NOT ALTER CLIENTS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. What I can do is take away blemishes and scars to make sure you are lookin fabulous. But please know that while I try to accommodate most requests, photoshopping chins, arms, tummies and anything else to 'shrink' is just not what I do. If that is the case, there are editors that will charge for this service.

It's go time!

A few things to rack your noggin with

If there was a way that all the planets would align in such a way for you to have exactly what you want, what would that be?

You'll laugh, you'll cry (I probably will too). You will have the best adventure of your life to just be incredibly happy and not have a care in the world.

This is what you can have!

let me holla at you for a min





Consider This...

MD + VA Investment: $1650 (within 3 hours of King George, VA)
* Contact me if you are outside of a 3 hour drive time
*tax + travel will be calculated during consultation

-Up to 4 hours coverage

-full list of vendor recommendations

-high resolution online digital gallery to view images, download, and share with friends and family

-sneak peek gallery within 72 hours

- complete online gallery within 8-10 weeks

-access to a professional online gallery print shop

-personal printing rights

Package Highlights 


-4 hours anniversary coverage

-full list of vendor recommendations

-high resolution online digital gallery to view images, download, and share with friends and family

-sneak peek gallery within 72 hours

- complete online gallery within 8-10 weeks

-access to a professional online gallery print shop

-personal printing rights

Package Highlights 


MD + VA Investment: $1650 (within 3 hours of King George, VA)
* Contact me if you are outside of a 3 hour drive time
*tax + travel will be calculated during consultation

Everyone gets the same love and attention

all inclusive

I’ve never photographed the same elopement or intimate wedding twice. Because every couple is so different!

My skill set and ability to navigate through the elopement process is the same for all, with tweaks of course as each elopement or intimate wedding so different and unique. Every couple gets my very best. I always provide customized location ideas, personal vendor suggestions, and a hand-crafted timeline full of unique activity ideas.

But you deserve an experience completely tailored to your relationship.

So I’ll make the process feel as stress-free as an all-inclusive resort, but we promise it’s gonna be hella better than that.

elopement weddings

u.s. elopement weddings

No matter where you are in the in the U.S., local to me or in one of the many states on my bucket list, your elopement wedding is one of a kind and so unique to you. Depending on what you have planned, a flight out of state to a national forest or park, or going back home to enjoy this day with your closest friends and family, I am there for you all the way. If you are within my home state of VA or MD, no worries, we don't have to go to the Colorado Rockies, or out to Utah at the sandy deserts, nay nay my friend. There are some amazing mountains, rivers, lakes and beaches to have your elopement right here. Backyard elopement no problem, state park, or a favorite restaurant, even better. The point is to have it where you want it, a place that has meaning.

What's included

-2, 4, or 8 hours of coverage
-1 photographer
-Complimentary Engagement Session
-Timeline planning
-Partial planning services including online location scouting assistance and connecting you with recommended vendors, and permit research
-Online Gallery sneak peek (72 hours) Final online gallery (10 weeks)
-printing rights

I am pretty darn good at finding locations that are accessible and amazing when it comes to where to have your elopement. I also help you research activities and things to do, permit assistance to have the elopement at the location, vendor recommendations,  hand-crafted elopement timeline for your best day ever, and communication.

Travel & Tax


Packages starting at $800

Fees are calculated buy the distance from my current location of King George, VA, that is over 80 miles will incur a travel gas fee and if needed, a 1 night hotel stay. Airfare, car rental, and or a hotel (if needed) will be the responsibility of the client and will be added within the collection pricing.

local elopements


Maryland and Virginia are such hot spots in my area for mountainous views, valley and lakeside weddings and elopements. It would be my pleasure to photograph your elopement or intimate wedding at any one of the amazing locations that we have within these two states. It is important for me as your planner and photographer to provide you with everything that you would need to make this a super, amazing, authentic intimate wedding and elopement. 

What's included

-2, 4, or 6 hours of coverage
-2 photographers
-Complimentary Engagement Session
-Partial planning services including online location scouting, lodging guidance, and connecting you with recommended vendors
-Online sneak peek (1 week) Final online gallery (12 weeks), printing rights, gallery store

In need of a consultant? i've got you covered

I will assist and help to manage scouting of locations and do a little more research to help with personalized activities and things to do, permit assistance to have the elopement at the location, vendor recommendations,  hand-crafted elopement timeline for your best day ever, and unlimited access to me and my eccentric mind

Packages starting at $850

Travel & Tax

Fees are calculated buy the distance from my current location of King George, VA, that is over 80 miles will incur a travel fee. Airfare, car rental, and or a hotel will be the responsibility of the client and will be added within the collection pricing.


$75 per hour

$700 (2 hours)

$400 (free when you select a package for services)

$250 for 1 hour 
*This is a session that is mainly for when you have your trial run with hair/makeup. You also get the chance to wear your wedding dress and have a lovely bridal portrait session.

Build Your Package With What You Need!



Virginia + Maryland Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings are just as special as the elopement process. Still personal to you, allows you to have that intimacy with your guests and are still truly a one of a kind experience for you. Specifically tailored with all the things you want that speaks to you as a couple. A perfect way to celebrate with up to 50  of your closest friends and family.

What's included

-6 or 8 hours of photo coverage
-2 photographers
-Complimentary Engagement Session
-Including your beautiful, full-resolution image files with printing rights and a digital gallery to view, download, print, and share your images worldwide.


Things are a bit different with weddings, as I won't be your consultant  I will still be able to assist in providing vendor recommendations, a hand=crafted photo timeline, and unlimited access to my brain full of awesome ideas.

Packages starting at $2700


Fees are calculated buy the distance from my current location of King George, VA, that is over 80 miles will incur a travel gas fee and if needed, a 1 night hotel stay. Airfare, car rental, and or a hotel (if needed) will be the responsibility of the client and will be added within the collection pricing.

Starting at $1750

- initial phone consultation

-photo based timeline assistance

-complimentary engagement session

- 4 or 6 hours of photography coverage

-minimum of 300 high resolution hand edited images

-sneak peek gallery within 72 hours

-complete gallery within 10 weeks

-professional online digital gallery to download, share, and print

-printing rights

Package Highlights 

classic ELEGANCE

love from MY past clients

I understand that not everything goes as planned during a wedding. I never pack up before the contracted time, and moreover, I am not leaving on the dot when the contracted time is up. Instead, I will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like for me to stay, I will charge the rates specified in your contract.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

Not to worry! If Covid has decided to rain on your parade, I will be there right by your side to help you figure it out. I’m a believer in making the best out of all situations. Although the retainer fee is non-refundable, it is transferable to a new date within 12 months of the original date. If for some reason we aren’t able to fill in a new date within that timeframe and you decide to move forward with another photographer, 50% of your retainer fee will be available to use as a credit for future photo sessions within 24 months of the original date.

What’s your Covid cancellation policy?

You have the right to reprint images whenever you want. However, you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of Debbie Elisa Photography.

Besides the location, do you assist with finding a hotel for us to stay?

Yes, there is a retainer fee that I require to set your date and close if off to others. The required amount is 35% due at contract signing for weddings, 50% due for portraits, and is non-refundable. Payment plans are available so you can pay monthly, or quarterly, or in full on the day of the wedding.

do you require a down payment to book my date?

I have answers!


Of course this all depends on the amount of time we spend together, and the size of your wedding, but a good rule of thumb would be to count on about 30-60 images per hour.

Portrait Sessions:
A 60-90 minute session on average will produce approximately 25-50 images.

How many photos can we expect back?

Adding in travel fees are a pain in the ass. So what I do is I have a base flat rate of locations according to the collection statements, calculate it and add it in, and then tweak it just a bit to fit a little better. I tend to stick to that because I don't want anything extra coming out or being charged to you when you are already stressed out enough for what you have going on. Any event over 7 hours requires airfare, hotel and rental car.

do you have any travel fees?

The answer to this is SIMPLE. ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY. When you add me to your team, you are getting a sister/ mother/ best friend/ helping hand kinda person. I have relationships with wonderful vendors, an idea of putting together a timeline of the day, advice on lighting and locations, I tend to pick the brain of a close wedding planner friend and she and I bump ideas off of each other and then I take those suggestions over to my couple. 9/10 times she is actually hired as their planner/coordinator. Whatever I might not know, trust me, I will find an acceptable answer. 

I’m stressed out because wedding planning is hard and all I want to do is eat potato chips and take a nap. Can you help me through the process?

Fabulous question! As of right now traipsing all over mountains and valley are only a dream of mine. With recently making the decision to provide elopement photography, I am still in the learning phase of how to be a guide and an abundant resource for my couples. So, as I learn I will add to my knowledge and experience base, and can add more to my photographer services.

Do you do adventure elopements?

Hey so, no not really. I am not a details type of person. I have done them for styled shoots but not really for weddings. Reason is, it's just not my style. I want to steer away from all of that and focus on the couple, and the day itself. Elopements don't normally have many details that are intricate like the invitations, and such. If that is what you want I can, it will just be very minimal.

Do you do detail pictures of everything?

why hire debbie?

besides the fact that I am fantastic, of course...

I will be the one who will tell you like it is. If something doesn't seem right, I will say it and provide alternatives to help you make a decision that would be better suited for you. I always have the best intentions for all of my clients and only want to help them in any way that I can. I am fun, quirky, smart assy and a bad ass mom and boss. Your happiness is my success. You're my family now!!!