Well, maybe not a friend to all...but I am friendly...as long as you stay on my good side...jk, jk, (hmmm).

Any way, I am a momma with three big boys, wife to a Navy Corpsman, and lover of all things beachy! I set out in photography because I wanted to really go after my first love of nature photography. 

In person I am a moody, boho type of chic! But my edits are bright and airy with a hint of blacks and shadows. I edit depending on what the moment is. 

I love being different, and not conforming to one thing. I am an individual!

Wedding & portrait photographer and friend to all

Debbie Elisa

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• Color choices on how to match as a family, but still have everyone in their own personal style

• Do's and Don'ts of matching with others in the pictures, or with the background 

• Beautiful images from Pinterest, to help in creating ideas and looks

What's included in this guide?


"I found Debbie on Facebook. A friend raved about her, and decided to answer her ad for a portfolio build shoot. She was amazing from the time I inquired through styling, and has been just wonderful"

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