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Hey everyone! I am a wedding, elopement, and portrait photographer based in Southern Maryland, serving all of MD + VA. Recently, I have ventured out to Tampa FL, Charleston, SC, Cape May, NJ, Lititz, PA, Valdosta, GA, and all over MD + VA.

I am a bit of everything. Calm and relaxed, but wild and crazy. I love fruity drinks, and just sitting back watching people act crazy. Other hobbies are playing my guitar, and learning more about my family on ancestry.

photographer + dream chaser + beach lover

I am debbie elisa

My photos tell stories. But not scary ghost stories. I mean, like, the stories that dreams are made of. Like when the good guys triumph, and the bad guys get caught, and the slightly-nerdy guy captures the heart of the beautiful girl who was completely unaware of said slightly-nerdy guy's feelings for her until the end of the story. These are the stories I tell. 

Like blue jeans, a hot cup of bustelo coffee, and Saturday morning cartoons, I am the real deal.

Authentic Style

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Debbie Elisa
Annapolis, Maryland

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