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What's your wedding type?

should your wedding be... classic, rustic, ALTERNATIVE, or Modern? 

Fairy tale pinks, violets, and bright fun colors

Boho Terracotta Oranges and Burnt Reds

Beautiful nudes and creme colors

Sweet style with blushes and yellows

Which bouquet speaks to you?

Bubbly and bright-eyed. I'm the person they turn to when they need a pick-me-up... Wherever I go, the fun follows. 

Artistic, aesthetic AF, and up with the latest treads. I like to experiment with style but I'm over the top. 

Trustworthy and true to my word. I'm Straight shooter, and my friends know they can count on me to show up. 

Imaginative, innovative, and I always dance to the best of my own drum. If it's never been done before, i'll definitely do it. 

How would your bbf describe you?

White with a pop of pink. Yes, please! 

Elegant shapes in a neutral color pallet. 

Colorful springs of wildflowers. 

No white. I'm all for the unexpected! 

Which cake would you NOT cut into?

Hey, if it's not a stuffy banquet hall, hotel, or church basement, I'll give it a go. The last thing I want is a boring by the book wedding... 

Yes, yes, and more yes! Now all we heed are some lanterns, a bonfire, and a gorgeous sunset

I'm open to it, but let's be very clear. I'm NOT looking for a rough and ready rustic wedding. Save the macrame wall hangings for someone else. 

Um, I'm more of a ballroom sort of person. Mosquitoes and muddy high heels just aren't' my jam. 

Your partner suggests an outdoor reception, how do you respond? 

Describe how you feel about planning your own wedding using only emojis? 

'You Look Wonderful Tonight'-  Michael Bublé

'When A Man Loves A Woman' - Percy Sledge

'At Last' - Etta James

'You’re Still the One' – Shania Twain

If you had to pick one of these songs for your first dance, which would it be? 

Japan. Sushi cat cafes, and cherry blossoms. 

Mexico. Time for the pina coladas and suntan lotion. 

Ireland. A romantic cottage in the rolling hills. 

Franc -Museum of Modern Art, here we come!

Choose your dream honeymoon destination...