Hey Lovelies


xo. debbie elisa

Mom. photographer, military wife, sister, daughter, friend, and believer in the good in people.

I am laid back, easy going, sarcastic, and feisty little thing. Ask my husband. Love texting, not so much calling.

Love the beach, coffee, Gilmore Girls, and alone time.


Home location for comfortability with pets or on location at a park
20-60 minutes 
minimum of 15-35 images
print release
USB flash drive



2 hours of coverage
1-2 outfit changes
online gallery and store
minimum of 45 images
print release
USB flash drive



1.5-2 hours of coverage
1-2 outfit changes
online gallery & store
minimum of 35 images
USB flash drive




Keepsake Box

Fine Art Prints

Natural Wrap Canvas

12 X 12 Album

10x10 Album

8X8 Album

A La Carte


As with all photography sessions, first initial contact is basically getting to know a bit out services and pricing. But after that, girl we get to chat about it all. We will video chat or meet up for some brunch and just jab on about all things wedding, life, and love. 

I will also send you a questionnaire. This form helps me to learn a bit more about what you are wanting, and allows you to select the photos you are most wanting to have captured.

1: The consult

After we talk on the phone or, if you prefer, just to message each other back and forth, we then can get you booked for your session. This means that I will place you in my calendar for that specific date. 

When booking, I will send you a contract that states all that we have spoken about in detail to include your session collection details.


The planning...what a great word for this. What it really boils down too is that I am searching for the best location that will compliment you and your wardrobe choices. 

With that being said, as your photographer I want you looking amazing. I will email you a free style guide that will allow you to look through color palettes and styling options. Great outfits only enhance and bring together the entire feel of your session.


The day has arrived and it's time to get those amazing photos you've been dreaming of! 

The location is set, you are looking fabulous and the day is just beautiful. Let me start off by saying that if you are uncomfortable with pictures, no worries at all. I have a few quick poses to get you going. And I promise that you will be a natural at it by the time the session has completed. Don' worry if you think you made a mistake. Sometimes, those moments are the best ones!


Get ready, get set, go check your email! Your images will be edited by hand to produce a lovely light and bright image with creamy highlight tones that will make your heart melt! 

A beautiful gallery will be created for you. Once in that gallery you will have many options for printing products fright from your gallery shop. There are fine art prints, canvases, albums, and even keepsake boxes. All at your finger tips. And with the 40% discount, I am sure you won't have any trouble finding products to help fill your home of these captured memories. 



Portraits are a big deal. It is also a very broad and dynamic component of photography. These are a bit more intimate since it is one on one.

Portraits are a multitude of services. Families, senior/graduate, & engagements. 

Location is a large part of providing epic scenery and gorgeous backgrounds. This is what adds to the gorgeous and beautiful  



An area that most photographer don't dabble in. Why? No clue, but I found it to be a form of photography that would inspiring as well as challenging. I love a good challenge! 

Women have such a hard time with being 'okay' with their bodies. Always comparing, always changing things, always wanting to be that perfect wife/woman that men love to drool over in the magazines and movies. And for what, to be an unrealistic version of yourself. NO! We are not gong to do that. We are going to love ourselves, our entire selves, scars, bruises, and everything in between. We women deserve to love our own bodies. No one else is loving us the we should...Let's get you booked for an awesome amazing boudoir sessions!!!!!

Boudoir Photography


Yes girl. When I was younger I was all about being a Marine Biologist. All the way through high school. As time went on, school just wasn't for me. So I did enough to get me small jobs. Once my kids got older and I found my old camera, I totally took it over and started my business. 

i wanted to be a marine biologist

I grew up military for crying out loud. You think I would have seen some places. But nope. We stayed in the U.S. 

Where I want to go, well let's see: Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Alaska

never have i ever been out of the u.s.

So during the time I was 'finding' myself, I was led to the area of becoming a registered behavior technician. I worked with kids who have autism and other related disorders. I LOVED that area of my life. And have plans to return very soon. It has been a real blessing working with these amzing and bright kiddos

I am an autism specialist


fun facts

Typically I send a sneak peek within 24 hours of your session. After that, depending on how booked I am, it could take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. But I will communicate this to you through the entire editing process so you are aware of where I am. 

When can i expect my photos

Absolutely! We will chat for a few minutes and then I will just go over a few poses. And through the entire session, I model what I would like for you to do, so you can follow along.

I don't normally photograph well, can you help with that

Normally I do not provide a face to face or video chat for a consultation. It's all mainly done via texting or messaging. However, if you feel you need to I will be happy to set one up.

Do I get to have a CONSULTATION?

I require 25% of a non-refundable deposit that is due 2 days after signing  your contract. 

Do you require a deposit?

I  Have Answers



So do you think you have seen enough to book with me? I think you will be very surprised on your engagement with me. I have to say that I am very laid back and easy going. So you don't need to ever feel as though you can't speak about anything and everything. 

It is always a bit nerve racking booking, but let's just talk and see where it goes!

Ready To Book