Maryland Rustic wedding

Debbie Perez

August 30, 2020

Hi there. Oh so this was a sweet thing that happened. I have the lucky pleasure of having some amazing and talented young ladies be my models. I was so ecstatic when they all agree to do a styled wedding shoot. In very dark rich colors and with amazingly beautiful flowers. Although it was a non traditional styled shoot, the images and feel of what I was going for really came out and I am in love with all that we were able to do.


My intial plan, because nothing ever actually goes the way you hope that it would, was to have the maids in the light pink color. As the sizes of the dresses became an issues, we quickly switched over the a burgundy maroon..SOOOOO HAPPY WE SWITCHED!!! The colors came out so rich and dreamy against the back ground of the park.

So, I had my girls, colors, and the ladies all got their gowns from that gave them the ability to change up their styles to suit their personality. Next…the fellas! So much easier to think that they would be the ones to flow right on through this..not so much. My guys had to color coordinate, and then end up buying shoes to match and it became a huge ordeal. So, I ended up with the groom and 1 groomsman. Did I mention things change a TON!

All in all, I really think this came out so lovely and I am loving the fact that I will do this once again later this year for a friend of mine who is using their anniversary to have this styled shoot as her wedding day pictures.

Maryland Rustic wedding at Jefferson Patterson Park, Maryland

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