Debbie Elisa is a mini adventure elopement and wedding photographer based in VIrginia, traveling worldwide for lovers who want a little something different.

Maryland Elopements


Maryland Elopements

Debbie Perez


January 16, 2021

Hey you crazy adventurous people! I just wanted to come through and say that I am switchng my photography over to smaller elopements and intimate weddings. The reason for the change? Well, it seems to be that I never get the chance to get to my couple. Just them, by themselves.

It also seems to be that a lot of weddings are closer to the evening time which makes me have to utilize a flash (I am not a fan of how flashes are used for indoors or outdoors but when it’s a late reception, the images are the images)

I am an introvert. Large gatherings are a lot for me to take in visually and socially. I handle myself well with larger weddings and love taking the time out and chat with a few people just to make myself sociable. But I can’t wait for when everyone is eating. Which means I get the chance to eat myself and take time to relax and clear my head, go over what I need to go over, shots to still be taken, and look the my images on my camera in awe of what I am seeing. But it is definitley something that takes a lot out of me.

Elopements can be the total opposite. More relaxed, intimate, focused on the couple and not all the lovely decorations, and and atmosphere of it all. Woods, or a lake side area, even on a back yard can be just as lovely, fun, interactive, and a dream come true for everyone.

So, when you are planning your wedding. Take the time to see if whether or not you want that lavish wedding, or if you want to focus more on family and unity.



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