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Destination Gold Bug Island

Debbie Perez


November 20, 2020

I have known David for about 34 years now…duh I should he’s my brother, and have known about Katie for a year or so before even getting the chance to meet her. It really wasn’t until New Years of 2019 that I finally had the chance to meet her.

Their engagement session was about 2 hours. I have to say first, that in those two hours my brother had a lot of nonsense going on as he always does. Funny guy right…nerd! He had us take video of him (actor in the making..check out The Black Revenger on Amazon) so that took up some time to do. But we walked all over the park and got shots everywhere we could think of before we got too hangry and had to leave (haha).

She is as bright and bubbly as they come. but, I have to say she has a little bit of some spunk to her! This girl is gonna be my ‘ride or die’ one day hahah I can already see it!

So yes, eventually we all were like “hey debb, why don’t you do the photography for the wedding”…”oh hell naw play I am not ready for that”…”you’re not ever gonna get to where you wanna be if you keep holding back”…”true dat..okay fine I will do it”…end of scene!

I worked tirelessly from Jan of 2020 until September of 2020 with practice bridal shots, practice detail shots of rigs and flowers etc., practice sessions with small groups to learn how to pose, gather, and get the shots needed for her wedding (yes her wedding bc my brother was not all that into it as far as decor and stuff haha). Then her wedding day came. From 10am to 12pm I stuck it out and took over 5000 images…me..and me alone to a degree. At one point David (also a photographer/videographer) pulled out his cameras and video to record some stuff. But the end results was fantastic and lovely and I am so happy and honored to capture their wonderful moments.



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