Debbie Elisa is a mini adventure elopement and wedding photographer based in VIrginia, traveling worldwide for lovers who want a little something different.

Calvert Cliffs State Park


Calvert Cliffs State Park Wedding

Debbie Perez


October 16, 2020

Facebook can be a place of wonders. A friend of mine mentioned my name to a young bride who needed a photographer for a few hours to record her wedding.

Being that I am a sucker for making sure that people are taking care of, I opened up my morning on Oct 10, 2020 for her and her family.

This wedding was so awesome and laid back. Filled with a ton of laughing, friends and family.

Calvert Cliffs State Park has been a place of nature walks, and biking. But on Oct 10, it became a lovely nature, green and relaxed wedding.



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