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Average Cost Of Wedding Photographers in Virginia

Debbie Perez


December 2, 2022

Hiring a professional wedding photographer may be the last thing that you think about when planning your wedding. But it’s important to remember that your photos will be there for years, and will likely be one of the few ways you can remember your wedding day. So investing in a wedding photographer may just be the best choice you make while wedding planning! Here is everything you need to know about the average cost of wedding photographers in Virginia.

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The Average Price Of Wedding Photographers In Virginia

A wedding photographer will typically charge anywhere between $2,500-$6,500 per wedding. This price varies based on location, number of photographers, hours needed, travel, and so on. Of course, some new photographers may be less, as they are starting out and may need to build a portfolio. However, you get what you pay for! If you choose a professional wedding photographer then you can expect to pay higher as their experience is greater, their cost to keep their business running is higher, and their abilities in creating and crafting an amazing experience for you is truly one of a kind.

The Average Length of Time it Takes to Shoot a Wedding

It takes an average of six to eight hours to properly document a wedding and to authentically tell a couples story. Technically a photographers time starts as soon as the contract and retainer is made. The planning is underway of helping you get all set up with all things photography. An engagement session, styling tips, location assistance, posing guidance, timeline creation, and so much more!

The entire wedding day is spent being at your side capturing all of the special moments. As well as running around getting capturing absolutely everything. Not only this, but when the day is over, and the sparklers have been fizzled out, we go into hiding and settle in to our areas to start the editing process. This means that photographers could take anywhere between 4-10 weeks to hand edit each image. It is a true investment and something that should be researched to the best of your ability to find your one true photographer.

Virginia wedding photographer captures bride and groom holding hands and watching fireworks

Don’t let average cost of wedding photographers in Virginia scare you away from making the best investment for your wedding! Ready to book your Charlottesville wedding photographer? Let’s chat!



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