I make each session/wedding all about you. Your taste level, your unique thought and look that you want for your gallery of images are all taken into consideration. Send me a note, fill out the questionnaire (weddings), and let's set up a time to video chat. I will send you a proposal (no need to sign unless you have stated to me that you are all ready to go), and then all that's left if you to take the dive into my world and see what all awaits for you.

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authentic. free. wild. 

Love me some B +W.  Now booking for 2021-2022 weddings & elopements.

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My clients love outdoors, adventurous, happiness in simplicity, a good heart, and loves/lives a more boho free spirited life. Not afraid to show your emotions, and has no problem offering help to someone who desperately needs it. 

my dream clients are...

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Oh c'mon now...you know you are the same! Let me just say...I just love living life in my own way. I am unique in that I have many different styles to suit my many personalities and tastes. I love rock n roll, hip hop, r&b, country, oldies, alternative, Christian, and all other kinds of music. Whatever speaks to me in lyric and instruemnt is what I go too. Low key party animal and mainly the one you want around when the "shit has hitteth the faneth"

i'm a spiritual soul with an adventurous spirit.

let me tell you about my best friend...

No...it's not my husband...he's like just under the #1 spot. My best friend is my cousin who I call my sister/soul mate. From the time we were very little we clung to each other. Been through a lot of good and very bad moments. She was my rock, as I was hers. We were able to go to another world when we got together, and dream ourselves away to a different place where we could be free. She had my God daughter, and I gave her three God sons. She will be in my life forever...old, gray, mean, yelling at all the kids, going senile in an old folks home...but together none the less. She is my true RIDE OR DIE! And pisses me off that I she won't let me put her picture up here haha damn heffa 

Belive it or not, my first love was music. My dad bought me a guitar when I was 16...I learned a lot of Greenday and Nirvana songs. Taught myself how to play honestly. Love the sound it made..heavenly. Photography, haha, well I wanted to work for Nat Geo as an oceanographer swimming with the big fishies. Still wan too!!

i believe...

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

Coco Chanel

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dream shoot location

Hills + Valleys of Scotland

latest binge watch

Wentworh & New Girl

worst wedding memory

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My dream clients

Jason Momoa + Lisa Bonet

every wedding should play

I  Wanna Rock With You

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I am a...

Introvert...always an Introvert

If i could have one wish:

My nephew

Home. Beach. Mountains

Genuine. Goofy. Adventurous. Bad Ass.

Fun Facts:

Maui, Hawaii
Highlands, Scotland
Naples, Italy

Paris, France
New Zealand
Las Cabos, Mexico

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
All of Route 66
Stars Hollow, CT

my Bucket list 

What is life but one grand adventure?

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Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm

Annapolis, Maryland

based in Annapolis Maryland.
available for travel worldwide.

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