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Meridian Hill Park Engagement

February 13, 2022

Meridian Hill Park Engagement | D.C. Engagement at Meridian Hill Park

Jenelle + Mike’s Engagement at Meridian Park D.C.

Jenelle & Mike’s engagement at Meridian Hill Park was an amazing and fun session. The couple met at a bar in Los Angeles California. There with some friends, Jenelle and Mike started up a conversation and soon found themselves in a long distance relationship. Eager to stay together, Jenelle moved to the east coast to the D.C. area and the rest was history.

You could not believe the amazing excitement I felt when they reached out to me for their wedding. Beyond excited I quickly got on the phone with them and started making arrangements and finding locations for their engagement session. Soon, we were at Meridian Hill Park walking around for some amazing pictures.

Being that it was done is February of 2022, the trees and other foliage were not in bloom. Which is perfectly fine. As a photographer it is my job to make sure that your images are amazing no matter where we go. After walking around, I found some amazing trees in a walkway with bushes and a few columns. And, there you go. A perfect spot for amazing pictures for an engagement session and save the date cards.

I know you will enjoy these images as much as I had fun taking them. Jenelle and Mike made the session extra calming and relaxing with their fun sense of humor, and willingness to expose their personality so that they shine extra bright.

It truly was an amazing day! Congratulations to you both.

I know you would love to get together for an engagement session, or for your wedding. The best way to do so is to simply send me a quick message so we can start chatting and planning together.

View the GALLERIES to see all of the amazing, wonderful, elegant and fun times I’ve been having. Can’t wait to meet you!

D.C. Engagement at Meridian Hill Park | Jenelle + Mike
Engagement at Meridian Hill Park | D.C. Engagement
D.C. Engagement at Meridian Hill Park
D.C. Engagement at Meridian Hill Park

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