Kitty Hawk Pier | Intimate Wedding | Katharine + Michael

A North Carolina beach elopement wedding was just the ticket for this couple. Salty breeze, crashing sounds of the waves, the sand between our toes, and the sun’s warmth all around.

Katharine and Michael’s wedding was perfect and beautifully designed to incorporate their fun and classy style.

When having your wedding, take into consideration of what an elopement wedding would look like. There are so many variations of what elopements are these days. Don’t be stuck on the wheel of tradition or stuck in the days of sneaking off to get married. But an open and gorgeous location that has meaning to you both, which only makes your wedding day that much more exciting and special.

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Debbi Elisa

Middle school career day.
Debbie: I want to be a Marine Biologist.
Teachers: Awesome and that suits you since you love the beach so much. Here's what you have to do (tells me everything).
Debbie: oh that's so cool okay I will do that.

Graduation and college: 
UNCW: Sorry your grades need work. Go to community and get your grades and GPA higher so we can enroll you. Two years with an associate degree will help you get into the bachelors degree.
Debbie: No thank you, I am done with school.