The Barn at Timber Creek | Giselle + Edward Wedding

An Intimate Wedding at The Barn at Timber Creek is located in Farmville nestled inside a thick and lush forest. Cannot ask for a better location to get married with many or as little guests as you want. Right on the property is a man made lake that is perfect for sunset pictures.

Giselle and Michael chose this location after seeing pictures of other weddings located at this venue. They said they fell in love with the woodsy feel, the barn itself, and the overall feel of the rustic woodsy themed intimate wedding. Maryland brides have been getting hitched at this location for quite some time.

They married inside the wooded area where an arch and other decor greeted guests as they arrive.

have a look at the amazing Barn at Timber Creek for yourself.

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Debbi Elsa

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Debbie: oh that's so cool okay I will do that.

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