Elopement Wedding at Shenandoah

Elopements are just the ticket for a couple who wants to leave out the fuss, and truly have an experience that is one of a kind. Shenandoah offers so many options for great places to have an elopement.

Condrea and Dave opted to ride along Skyline Dr., and hop out when we saw something amazing to take pictures of. That includes the amazing forest and woodsy areas where we all decided to sit and stay for awhile just roaming around. Couldn’t do too much since my lovely bride was wearing heels, but she made the trek up a little to have such an impactful moment with the amazing green leaves everywhere.

We decided on:

  1. Driving around Skyline Dr.
  2. Flowers
  3. Hair and Makeup

Shenandoah has a few stipulations when it comes to permits. However, any intimate wedding or elopement that is under 15 guests does not require any form of payment or permit. Now, if you want to use an arch to make it a little more special, that is when you might start seeing more of a lean towards permits. But that is something that will be looked at and checked out.

Looking for more on elopements, check out Sadie and Kevin’s elopement. Pure golden hour.

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Debbi Elsa

Middle school career day.
Debbie: I want to be a Marine Biologist.
Teachers: Awesome and that suits you since you love the beach so much. Here's what you have to do (tells me everything).
Debbie: oh that's so cool okay I will do that.

Graduation and college: 
UNCW: Sorry your grades need work. Go to community and get your grades and GPA higher so we can enroll you. Two years with an associate degree will help you get into the bachelors degree.
Debbie: No thank you, I am done with school.