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Elopement at The Oak Barn at Loyalty

September 18, 2021
Maryland Intimate Wedding, Mini Adventure

Having an elopement at The Oak Barn Loyalty, is a definite must if you are considering a smaller or more intimate scene. The area around you is gorgeous and plentiful with mountains and valleys.

Your wedding should be what you are looking for, and should be what you want. Large or small, The Oak Barn at Loyalty is and amazing choice in Virginia Wedding Venues.

Elopements are the way to go. The reason being is that it keeps it small, intimate, simple. We can talk all about the different ways to elope, but I wanted to share with you one particular venue that I was able to find for a beautiful gorgeous elopement.

Kevin & Sadie had their beautiful sunset elopement at the amazing The Oak Barn at Loyalty in Lessburg Virginia. So excited for this session because it truly shows where I am focusing on. Elopements has been a venture of mine for a few months, and have provided photography for traditional couples. While that is such a lovely experience, it is more of my style to be chilled and relaxed and having some amazing fun.

It isn’t enough to just have a wedding. But a meaningful one is what you should be focused on. Don’t worry about what others are hoping to see. Your wedding is going to be amazing because it is a perfect celebration of you and your forever love. The Oak Barn at Loyalty will offer you many options to choose from on location. Make it grand, or slim it down just a bit, totally up to you but whatever you do, make it all about you!

The Oak Barn at Loyalty Wedding
Elopement at The Barn at Oak Loyalty
Elopement at The Oak Barn at Loyalty
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WHY we're the perfect match


If you love taking the road less traveled. A trailblazer of sorts. I am a free spirit and don't like conforming to rules particularly. But, i do love when others find their own voice and way on being their own person. So, if that means that you have to burn a few bridges along the way then I guess that's something that has to be done. 

What I love, is that we are who we are. And I am one that loves the ocean and finds peace and serenity at the the water. My clients love peace. Love community with friends and family, and truly lives for the moment.

You are my couple is if you are ready to let loose and have fun and be your true authentic self.

"Over the moon with these pictures"

I may be biased, but I absolutely love Debbie. I have been a part of her photography journey from the start. And I have to say that her evolution for her understanding of photography is amazing. My boyfriend and I wanted a nice beach, golden hour couples' session and of course I snagged Debbie on a weekday. We went to a state park beach and just had a lot of fun. She is so down to earth, so calming but funny, and very easy to talk with. She made my boyfriend feel so relaxed during the entire time. 100% recommend.

Cami & Jimmy

"I can't beleive that's us"

I cannot believe that we took these pictures. I mean, I have never seen myself as photogenic at all. And when Debbie asked about any concerns, I laid it all out of everything I didn't like about myself. Her way of talking to me about self-love really stuck with me. The white dress I chose showed all of my goodness and you know what, she made me feel so good, and free that I did not even once worry about anything. She is truly amazing, in all aspects. 

Samantha & Hunter

"she was amazing for our elopement"

I think Debbie was the perfect hype woman for our elopement. She was there with the smiles, sweet tears, hugs, guidance, and calmness that we needed for the day. Debbie made our elopement so special. Out of all the photographers we spoke with, she just had a realness about her that made me choose her. No sweet talk, pure facts and I loved that she took the time out of her day to text with me for any questions that came up. A true sweetheart!

Alejandra & Jose

"the sweetest and most amazing day"

Nothing like having a wedding with close friends and family to celebrate such a special moment. For us, we looked high and low and found Debbie through a referral from another photographer. I am so glad she was available. She was so sweet and funny on our call. Really made us feel so special and had many great suggestions and ideas that we didn't think about. What we got back was nothing short of perfectly captured memories. 

Alejandra & Jason