Engagement at Quiet Waters Park

Alexandra (Alex) and Jason are two of the sweetest people on this planet. I saw Alex post about a need for wedding photography due to their photographer cancelling on them last minute. I totally reached out and soon after, they booked with me. One of the freebies I offer is a complimentary engagement session within all of my wedding and elopement packages. Now, they did already have their engagement photos but I convinced them to allow me some time so that I can introduce them to the #debbieelisatribe

So I went to work. Met up with the couple at Quiet Waters Park for a beautiful Golden Hour Glow session. Let me tell you!!!! It was one of the hardest, and best moments. This park is almost always full of other photographers. So in the background I was fighting with families and people walking around getting in my shots. Thankfully, I had us far enough away that I could edit them out with ease.

Their wedding is October 30th of 2021 and I am so excited to get them up and going for their blog review.

As stated, this park is highly attractable with photographers. I myself have have the pleasure of providing couples, intimate weddings and elopement photography for may individuals. The park has a gorgeous gazebo, a lovey water fountain, gardens, many small fields and even a dog park. If you are feeling up for a walk, this would be a great place to just relax and see some gorgeous foliage. Spring time is a hot zone, but I personally love autumn colors. The sun hits the reds and oranges and creates a fiery magical image. Something that has been my aesthetic for some time now.

Check out the images and if you are interested, reach out to me to schedule your own couples sessions. Reach me at to schedule your free consultation. Or if you’d like to see my work you can view everything HERE

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Debbi Elsa

Middle school career day.
Debbie: I want to be a Marine Biologist.
Teachers: Awesome and that suits you since you love the beach so much. Here's what you have to do (tells me everything).
Debbie: oh that's so cool okay I will do that.

Graduation and college: 
UNCW: Sorry your grades need work. Go to community and get your grades and GPA higher so we can enroll you. Two years with an associate degree will help you get into the bachelors degree.
Debbie: No thank you, I am done with school.