My Professional Branding Experience

Struggle just wasn’t the word to use when I was having the most difficult time in coming up with a logo/brand and color board. I mean, c’mon how hard could it be to create your own stuff…Well, when you are not very well versed in creating your own logo it can be a bit daunting and so out of left field with concept and design that fit who you are.

Etsy became my go to place to find logos that I thought would work for me. But dammit…every freakin logo had some kind of script to it…cursive writing, that just wasn’t what looked right for me. It made me feel like I was a richy rich style of person with a fancy logo, and I wasn’t. I am not fancy at all, and don’t like putting things out there that do not represent me to the fullest.

So after about a year of going through different Etsy shop owners (all really great and lovely to work with) I decided to reach out to someone that I didn’t even know what out there.

I bought a website template from Crown + Honey Design Studio, and never knew that their information was at the bottom of the design. When I clicked on it…WOW “A whole new world” came to me in terms of the templates and designs that were done for websites and branding suites.

I sent her a message, kind of bitchy because at that point I was done with all of it, and just wanted someone that could really get who I was as a person and incorporate my Hispanic heritage.

Let me tell you!!!! Janil Seegars has been absolutely wonderful in every aspect. We had a meeting of what I was looking for, colors I loved, she started a Pinterest board with me so I can put in all that I love and she put in her thoughts and from that she gave me this! Web & Brand Design Studio Web & Brand Design Studio

Talk about some damn luck finding this chick! I think Janil has been just a life saver. So happy I found her, and contacted her with my crazy ass email. I love all the colors to include the color green ( a later addition ) for my beloved nephew who passed away in a tragic boating occurrence. So that really touches my heart and will use that as accents around my site to keep him in everything that I do.

So grateful to Janil for. I will forever be a client of hers.

Please reach out to her if you are looking for something that is a little…different. If you have some quirkiness to you, or are non-traditional and just can’t find that person who gets it…Janil certainly can!

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