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Let’s get real for a moment shall we!! So, when we start this whole wedding journey after the hype and ‘la la land’ moments of pure bliss, we start working on the planning the wedding.

But cmon..let’s be honest here. When we are trying to put together a party we are stressed, let alone trying to put together a wedding of all the different vendors you have to coordinate and get together…what a mess.

I wanted to share with you a few tips as to how to navigate your wedding just a bit. With even implementing a few ideas from my own wedding 11 years ago…wow that long, time does fly when your’e having fun.

It’s a little risky but…HIRE A DAMN WEDDING/EVENT PLANNER.

Hitched by Heather and her team of wedding planners

The End

Well not really but, really ladies/gents! It can get overwhelming trying to stay in touch with each vendor: venue, florist, DJ, Band, Officiant, photographer, vidoegrapher, caterer, baker, invitations, dress…granted these are not all vendors but you get my point. Grab yourself a planner! I am telling you that you will be less stressed, and feel less needed to micromanage every single aspect of the wedding. Give all the details to the planner, all your thoughts, all your colors, all your ideas, everything. Let him or her provide you with a few options for the theme and color palette then, let them run with it! That doesn’t mean don’t check in, but it means let them deal with the the phone calls, and changes needed, etc.


So where are we having this shindig? Well let’s see…what is your style, personality, character, vision, fav color, fav place to be, etc. I would suggest writing down all of your likes and loves. For me, I love the beach and wanted a beachy theme but indoors. It came out lovely and I was surprised with the color choices. Teal and Champagne…lovely! The venue was actually in New Bern North Carolina, across from a water front church/downtown area. Pictures were taken at my hotel that was perfectly located on the river. Not too shabby (will post pics at the bottom). It wasn’t difficult at all to find this location. 11 years ago I think the net was still kind of sort of a new thing and not many people were online. Hence the reason for a wedding planner! They know EVERY PLACE that you might want to have your wedding. Whether you are a boho bride, beach bride (yay), classic bride, fairy tale bride, traditional bride, non traditional, light and bubbly or mysterious and moody. There is a venue that is prefect for you…as if it was only made just for you!

Now, the majority of venues are mainly outside. Such as the Carlyle House located in Alexandria Virginia.

The Carlyle House is amazing. Large and beautiful with a lovely garden in the back.

It has definitely seen a many number of weddings. as you can see it does have a balcony that can hose a wedding or reception.

One of the most important aspects is to make sure you stay in budget, and that you are able to provide a great guest experience. The area should be roomy for the amount of guests you plan to have.

You can always ‘shop’ Pinterest for idea but let me just say one last thing. Those are other couples wedding ideas. Other photographers edits. So when you are looking for your vendors and or a venue, know your reality and the reality of what you see else where. Stay true to who you are as a couple, and I promise you will have everything that you want and need and have a kick ass great time in the process!

Stay lovely

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