Leonardtown Courthouse Wedding Biker Style

Maryland Courthouse Wedding Photographer

OMG! The time I had providing wedding photography for this happy fun couple was just amazing. Nancy reached out to me through a model call ad I placed looking for brides to pose in their wedding gown for me as a mini styled shoot. She was so nice and fun to talk too that I just fell love with their romantic fairytale story.

Jerry and Nancy kind of knew each other in high school Big time jock and small time shy girl, their paths crossed but never really spoke. Year later they reconnected over a reunion, and that was all folks!

She never dreamed that the high school hunk would be so infatuated with her. The pure gentlemen. He became the father figure to her two kids, and the rest is just magical.

Married on May 1st of 2020, they said their vows to one another at the Leonardtown Courthouse in Maryland. It was just her, Jerry, and her two kids, along with Jerry’s mother. His mother had to be in a mask as she was living in a nursing home. Gotta keep grandma safe. But she was there to cheer on the couple/family.

Even thought the weather called for rain, the heavens stayed closed and provided minimal sunlight to provide us with some amazing wedding photos. A surprised gift from me to the couple came in the form of a photo box that contained all of their wedding images along with their images on a USB. Both the box and USB were engraved with very specific wedding quotes that brought tears to Nancy’s eyes when I presented it to her.

Such a lovely woman with a beautiful soul!

God Bless

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