Duey & Courtney Intimate Backyard Wedding in Charleston South Carolina

Weddings have seem to become one of the higher industries to take a large hit with COVID-19.

But, there are some amazing couples that decided they weren’t going to allow this to interfere with their wedding plans.

Duey & Courtney had plans, as many brides did, for a beautiful large wedding with many family and friends. As it turned out, they needed to downscale their wedding and create a magical intimate moment with close family and friends.

I drove to Charleston South Carolina specifically for their wedding. How could I not. Courtney was so nice to talk too, calm voice and eyes full of love for her FH.

When we met, she asked if my brother and I, David Perez of https://bdphotonvideo.com/, to go ahead with a few of the flower detail shots as she didn’t want them moved from their location on her wedding day. No problem, he and I got together to take some fantastic pictures of these lovely wood flowers…yes WOOD FLOWERS! Silky and smooth and smelled heavenly! These lovely flowers were provided by MDK Blooms (https://www.facebook.com/MDK-Blooms-104607221073895) based in Charleston, South Carolina. No lie…look into wood flowers because they are worth it!

The ceremony consisted of rose garland draped around a wooden slab in the back yard. Chairs lined in a row with beautiful hydrangea flowers encased in large vases.

The best aspect that I loved was that Duey & Courtney incorporated their beautiful furbaby Marley into their wedding.

How adorable is he!!!! So so sweet and so calm and gentle! The perfect Pup of Honor anyone could ever ask for. (photo credit by David Perez)

This couple had a great amount of love for one another, and their family shared in that same love.


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