Debbie Elisa is a mini adventure elopement and wedding photographer based in VIrginia, traveling worldwide for lovers who want a little something different.

Wedding & Elopement photography capturing good times and bringing good vibes

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This one's for the mavericks, the rebels, and the folks ready to have an epic bash that goes against the norms

For those daring folks who follow a different beat, marrying at an outdoor venue is a great way to experience the magical beauty of nature, while still retaining traditional values. Imagine yourself donning a stunning gown that fits the ambience of the location, with a subtle hint of glam to honor the significance of the occasion. Whether overlooking tranquil mountain views or feeling the warmth of the sea breeze in a lace ensemble, your special day could be filled with a unique blend of traditional beauty and outdoor adventure! 

This is your day to make yours, so unleash your creativity and document your love in a way that resonates with you - emotionally, financially, and aesthetically. This is your chance to celebrate the very best of your love story. So take a leap and set out on an adventure - the possibilities are endless!

The Experience

Whether you envision yourself saying “I do” on a mountaintop in Colorado, on a charming street in Manhattan New York City, in your uncle’s backyard, or maybe somewhere a little more daring, say a destination on your bucket list – I’m here to make this process as easy and exciting for you as possible. If you’re down to elope, we’ll make it happen. Grandma and mum may not get the full concept of what you’re doing but not everyone has to get it. So, if you want to shake off the shackles of tradition and start your marriage with an awesome expedition (mini or grand), I totally have your back.


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Based in King George, Virginia, I'm a wedding, elopement and lifestyle photographer who spends most of my time getting well-acquainted with my clients and joining them on their special mini-day adventure, anywhere  their hearts lead us (or feet if we’re hiking).

Your wedding day – or days, or weeks depending on how you choose to celebrate – should consist of nothing but positive memories and I’m here to help you create that experience.

If you’re like me and value inclusivity, unique self-expression and creative collaboration, then you’re once again, in the right place.

As your mini-adventure photographer, I solemnly swear to capture all your wildest moments and turn them into unforgettable memories. So get to know me, tell me your story, and let's celebrate your love together!


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